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junies that arnt sleeping through?

please tell me Tyler isnt the only 1 that wakes up still - he has got worse since hes been ill and now when he wakes he expects cuddles bk to sleep like I did when he was poorly. xx


  • You are not alone !! lol

    J has been ill and has now started waking up in the night to image.

    I shall dig out my supply of matchsticks for us all

  • No Lily still wakes up to altho the past week hasn't been too bad and she even slept thru a couple of nites. The few wks b4 that were a nite mare she was either wakin at 3am ish and not goin back to sleep or wakin at 10ish and stayin awake til bout 2.30am. Was gettin so bad i ended up takin lst monday aft of work to go see my HV and ended up breakin down in tears cos i was sooo tired! Was v embarassing! x
  • Hey girls, Charisma still doesn't sleep through either and to be honest I did think that I was the only one !!

    I think she has slept through about five times since she was born. She either wakes around 2.30am and has a bottle and goes back to sleep until about 7ish or like this morning she'll wake at 5am have a bottle and then doze. Unfortunately I have to stand over her and rub her back in order for her to get off to sleep again and what with me 15 weeks pregnant with the next baby is a bit shattering to say the least.

    To make matters worse she is full of a cold as well which means she can't breathe very well due even though I have raised the head of her mattress a bit to try and ease the congestion.

    Glad I am not alone !! We'll both be going for an afternoon snooze today.

    Take care all
  • Sorry to hear that you are all having broken nights too! It is hard when you have to get up and have a busy day head! Nice to see some of the 'oldies' back

    *waves to Lizzy86 & Charltteemma*

    hope we all get some decent sleep soon! xx
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