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FAO Tammi

Tammi just seen ur online so just saying hi and hope u and family are all well

Elaine and boys xx


  • Oh my god I was just gonna put a post on here FAO of Elaine!!!! Spooky!!!
    We are all fine, just grabbing 5 minutes on here whilst Ashton is having a little sleep. He's doing great at the moment, had our third full nights sleep last night, he is sleeping between 8 1/2 hours and 11 hours at night now!! Long may it continue!

    Just been reading about your wee man being ill, not really got any advice apart from it may be piles, know how he feels if it is as I have them too since having Ahston, hope you get it sorted soon though as its not nice seeing them in pain. Hope Tylers cold goes soon too, Ashton has his first set of jabs tomorrow, not looking forward to that!

    Wanted to ask you though how old were your boys each time you fell pregnant? I know you have tree under 3 so they couldn't have been that old. We are thinking of trying for number two, am I mad? Or would you reccomend it? When I say thinking about it we havn't been using any contraception since having Ashton so you never know!
    Tammi & Ashton xxx
  • LOL! Well Tammi you know the saying great minds think alike!!

    Yes I think ur mad for wanting them close. lol!! but I love it and wouldnt have it any other way. So good luck to you and hubby!

    It can be stressful at times esp. when they all need something at the same time but its lovely having J and Isaac at an age where their interests are similar and they love doing everything together! And u will still have everything about pg and baby fresh in ur mind.

    J was about 4 1/2 months when i fell pg with isaac and Isaac was 9 months when I fell pg with Tyler.

    I wont be having anymore though as I think 3 under 3 is alot of love and time sharing!! And it would be hard to have 1 on 1 time with 4 under 4!!

    Good luck to u both I think its wonderful uv decided to have another lil bundle so soon!!

    Ooooooooo just think u could be pg as we spk!!! image

    Elaine and boys xx
  • I know it will be hard work but as you say its nice when they have similar interests and can entertain each other. We live out in the middle of nowhere so there are no other kids for Ashton to play with when hes older, thats one of the reasons we want them close together. Plus Pete doesn't want to be an old Dad! He will be 40 in April. Hoping that I am not pregnant just yet mind as still sore from having Ashton, but if I am then so be it. Took us 3 months to get pregnant last time so hoping it will be the same again. Have you seen Sarah's post? She may be pregnant again too!!!! How exciting!!!
  • I know I saw!!

    Keep in mind u r extremely fertile after having a baby (hence my 3 under 3!!) So u might fall pg again pretty quickly!! I think its lovely u want to have bro/sis for ashton thats close in age - my 2 have a lovely bond although they do fight too!!

    Keep in contact and let me know when No2 is due!!

    Elaine xx
  • Will do! Got a text from Sarah earlier and she did another test which was still negative so she is going to the docs tomorrow! x
    Heres a little message from Ashton for Tyler..............

    cxddddddddxkmm n n nmm, m nmjnmm ,, xxxx

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  • Hi Ashton, thanx for your message - v ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,olp../ mnklokjk mk ljl - from Tyler!! LOL!!

    wow to think u 2 might have to join pg forum again soon. Me and OH had a lil accident with a split condom a couple of weeks ago. It happened on the friday and I got the morning after pil on the monday so its not as effective. But i dnt think theres much chance of me being pg as OH pulled out so quick - like something had bit him LOL!

    ! I really dont think I could cope with 4 children on my own - not while these 3 are so young anyway.

    When are you going to be testing to see if u r pg?? Oooo its all so exciting!! image

    Elaine xx
  • That made me giggle, about your oh pulling out so fast!!!! Sure Pete would be the same if we had 3 under 3! Not gonna test for a while as don't feel at all pregnant, we have only done it 3 times in the last two weeks as still really sore from my stiches. Not had a period yet either as still breast feeding.

    Took AShton for his first jabs today, bless him he screamed the whole place down. The nurse was lovely though and went and found a room that I could feed him in and get him settled. Since we have got home he has just wanted to be cuddled and cries every time I put him down. Have finally managed to get him to sleep on a cushion the sofa - hence why I am on here for 5 minutes. When is Tyler having his? Has he still got cold?

    Just waiting for my health visitor to ring me aswell as Ashton got weight again today and has dropped 4oz's this week - he is now back down to 8lb 2ozs so I am starting to worry!!!
    Tammi & Ashton xxxx
  • Hi Tammi

    I remember with my other two that they can get poorly - sometimes even cold like symtoms 24 - 48 hrs after their jabs. Im not sure when Tylers having his got to wait for another appointment in the post.

    Do you have any idea why Ashton could be loosing weight? I hope its nothing serious and he starts to gain it again soon!

    When would you ideally like another baby?

    Elaine and boys xx
  • Hi Elaine, well Ashton seems fine again today after his jabs yesterday.
    Have no idea why he is losing weight, he is feeding from me through out the day and also having two 4oz bottles as well. He seems happy and content all the time - so its a mystery to me. My helath visitor was suppose to be coming tomorrow morning to see him again, but she has left a message on my answer machine today saying that she seen he had been weighted yesterday so she isn't going to come out and can I just bring him into baby clinic on Tuesday!!!! Have rand her back but no answer! Just want to see what he weighs on her scales and get some advice!
    Ideally I would like a year between them so I am hoping to be pregnant again in the next couple of months but as I say if it happens sooner then fine. Hows your boys today?
  • hi tammi

    As long as Ashton is happy and content - which he definately sounds like he is - then i wouldnt worry. Still it would have been nice for ur HV to pop round esp like you said, for some advice.

    A year sounds like a lovely gap. its that time of the month for me (thank goodness) and iv got the pill now so they'll be no more for me anytime soon.

    I really admire you for still breast feeding. I had to stop as it got a bit too much trying to breast feed on demand and look after two toddlers but i feel really guilty now. Well done!

    Elaine and boys xx
  • Hi hun, well we had a very eventful day on Friday, after being told that Ashtons weight had dropped to 8lb 2ozs I had to take hime to see the pediatricion. Had lots of tests done and had to give blood, bless him! Got to go back on the 9th Sep for some more tests then back again on the 30th for all the results. Hopefully he is just very slow to gain weight and there is nothing more wrong with him. Have since put him on bottles as at least that way I can see what he is drinking plus all the worry was stopping my milk anyway! Bless I am sure he already feels heavier, but Pete thinks thats just me, lol. On the plus side today is the first time I have worn a propper bra in ages and it feels fab that I have boobs again that just belong to me (and Pete, lol!)
    Hows you and your four boys?
  • I dont blame you. Breast feeding for as long as u have done is an achievement. I found that Tyler was a lot more contented when i put him on formula, and, like you said you can see how much hes getting.

    Hes a brave lil man for giving the blood. I hope the results are good news.
    Isaac has an app on Tuesday at hospital and then an app. on the 9th Sept with the peadeatrian. They reckon his small intestine has swollen up and all his poo (sorry if tmi) is collecting in that instead of his bowels.

    U might find ur boobs will go a bit hard and sore when ur milk dries up. Mine did with Isaac but not this time around. I bet u and Pete lol are glad to have ur boobs back. Time to go out and treat urself and Pete to a sexy new bra!

    Enjoy ur bank holiday weekend

    Elaine and boys xx

  • Hi Tammi how are u all? xx
  • Hi Tammi. I got ur txt. Poor lil Ashton. I hope everything is ok and they find the problem. Let me know what the doc says. Take care and thanx for txting.

    Elaine and boys xx
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