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Hi Everyone

Just wondered if you are in routines with your lo's yet and if so what are they - I'm just trying out different ones with Zac to see what suits us best (have read so many books that contradict each other I have decided to make up my own plan!)...

Also - does anyones lo sleep through yet???

Amy & Zac xxx


  • Hi Amy

    Tyler not sleeping through yet - 8 weeks thurs but he seems to have understand the difference beteen night and day as he goes straight down after his feeds in the night but during the day he'll have a lil kick about and gurggles away for a while so hopefully hes not too far off!!

    I dont really have much of a rountine as i have 2 other boys - 1 & 2 so life is very unpredictable!! (hhhmmm maybe i should have 1.?!)

    I agree books do contradict eachother, I never go by what books say I just go with the flow - every baby is different.

    Hope u and Zac are ok.

    Elaine and boys xx
  • Hi Amy like Elaine say I think its best just to go with the flow. Ashton generally is awake by 7.30 in the mornings then will have a little 30 minute snoze after his first feed then normally has about 3 hours in the afternoon and another 30 minute snoze late afternoon. His last feed in normally around 8.30pm then he will fall asleep anytime after this, sometimes straight away other times he is still awake much later. He is sleeping through till about 5am once he is down for the night, but this changes daily. Sometimes he wakes early for a little feed about 2/3 o'clock. Although it may seem that we have a routine, I just take it as it comes as everyday is different really and he knows when he needs to sleep. Try not to worry too much and let Zac tell you what he needs. By the way Ashton is 7 weeks old today. Tammi & Ashton xxx
  • Before trying to establish a routine it can be really helpful to keep a diary for a week or so. Just jot down when your lo sleeps, for how long and when and how much they feed. Then, you can establish a routine that centres around what they do themselves naturally once you have figured out what that is. Generally, I think most people suggest feeding about every 3 hours and that most babies can't stay awake more than 2 hours at a time. But every baby is different. That's why the diary can work well. Good luck x
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