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Hi girls, long time no speak....
I hope everybody is well....

To the pregnant junies T&E I hope you aand bumps are both well....Good Luck with Scan on Weds E, I hope its a pink bump I really do!!!

Huuuge Congrats to Sarah on the arrival of Layla, I did facebook her, I hope they are all well.

How is everybodys Toddlers doing?? Mason is saying new words everyday and I am just head over heels in love with his personality, ant they great at this age. I was meant to start potty trainging with him but has been delayed as both myself and mason were really ill so hoping to start this week. He hasn't really showed any signs of being ready but throws the most awful paddys and kicks me when I change his nappy that I'm willing to give it a go.

Sienna is nearly 6 months old now and is such an angel, she really is. She sleeps thru, she hardly cries, she just chats and laughs all day. I am truly blessed and loving being a mum so much.

Sam is ok, still having a few probs with him and we see a social worker once a week for his behaviour problems but academically he is sooo bright and grwoing up way too fast!!!

Here is a link to a pic of Sienna as I don't really go into the aug 09 forum so have nowhere to show her off, lol...

Well thats all for now, lovew to you and your Los.x x x x


  • hi... sienna is just gorgeous and I can't believe she's six months old - that is not possible!

    How do you find it with the three of them? (Can you tell I want three eventually!)

    Mason sounds like he's doing really well! Well done for thinking about potty training. I haven't so much as thought about it yet but I can see why you are!

    It is a lovley age they are at right now like you say - Zac has a great little pesonality now too and babbles away all day long! Most of it is giberish with the odd proper word thrown in! He's just so cheeky! And a proper daddys boy! At the weekend I hardly get a look in!

    We call him granny magnet as if theres a granny in a 1 mile radius he;ll have her smiling and cooing at him! He just loves the old ladies!!

    Hope Sam's behaviour probs sort themselves out.... at least your getting some help so thats the main thing!

    Great to get an update from you - its very quiet on here lately!

    Amy xx
  • hi all

    bump n me are ok, shaky start, rough middle but hopefully meds will work n it wil be plain sailing from here.

    lost my job finish on 19th feb so providing i get these forms in il get maternity and grant too, hope so, these double buggy are expensive lol
    I cant believe im entering 3rd trimester!

    Mason n sienna are gorgeous n wow growing up

    Zac looks gorgeous too and awww bless him dont grannys just love them, us lucky mummys hey

    Caitlin is in a big bed now, trying potty training not going great though lol, the words wow everyday something different and she keeps singing daddy cool lol

    robbie is well a typical 6 year old im guessing, a pain unless on xbox or ds lol

    Cant believe Sienna is 6 months already wow!

    Im desperate to know what E is having, girl girl girl lol

    Apart from this week caitlin sleeps well, although yesterday i had an hour sleep and today about the same up at 4.30am well stayed up from then, made rays breakfast and coffee for 6 and now im knackered but have school run and caitlin is still going eekk where do they find the energy, plus not to mention missy moo in my belly is a real wriggler lol
  • She is beautiful Katie. Where the hell has that 6 months gone though?
    Glad she is a good baby for you, I know how challenging it can be trying to fit everything with 3, lol!!
    Lovely to here the Junie toddlers are doing so well! I've yet to put Livs in a bed. I'm keeping her my baby for as long as I can!!!! I have tried a few times but I'm happy for her to stay in her cot if she is image Shes saying so much more now and really turned into a little girl recently!! I feel quite sad thinking about it image I think I'll start the PT in the summer when things dry quicker, prob April/May time.
    Glad to here your feeling a bit better Tracey. Can't believe your in the 3rd trim already!!! It will be May b4 we know it! Have you decided what double your getting yet??

    I also think Elaine is having a girl. I dreamt about her having a girl a few weeks ago (I hope she does'nt think thats weird) lol!!
    Amy I'm glad you and Zac are well too, no plans for anymore yet then? I feel like I'm one of the only ones yet to take the plunge again, lol!!! We are waiting until July now to ttc (after our wedding) and the wait is driving me mad!!! Your right, it has gone a bit quiet recently image

    Love to all the Junie mums and babies and a special good luck wish for Elaine 2muro!!! The suspence is killing me already!!!

    Love Sarah and girls x x x
  • Not planning another yet Sarah, I always said I wanted a between 3 - 4 year age gap so think we are going to ttc early next year so Zac will be 3 - 3 1/2 at least when no 2 arrives. I am broody though don't get me wrong!

  • hi katie,

    so pleased everything is going well for u hun.
    i cant believe sienna is 6 months already!!

    summer is a happy lil thing and thankfully oblivious to all the drama that her mothers life is lol
    she talking so much, and im understanding more and more of what she is saying too, its so much easier not having to guess all the time!

    ive been a sahm now for 3/4 weeks and i must say im loving it!!! funny i never thought i would but i truely do love it, and summer helps me do stuff around the house, today she loaded the washing machine put the tablet in then i set it and she closes the door and when it starts she looks so happy with herself!!

    stay in touch hun xx
  • Hi ladies nice to see you back!!!

    Lovely to read your updates!!

    All is fine at 20 wks scan, baby had his/her legs closed and I was really upset so thanx to Bedhead I have now booked in at a local private scan place for a gender scan this Sat. I cant wait!

    take care everyone.

    hugs to you and the Junies & Junie siblings (((hugs))) xxxxxxxx

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