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FAO Sarah and Samuel


Just really to say how nice it is to hear of someone else with a 'larger' baby!! Amy has always been big only weighed 8lb 2oz at birth and was bf but jumped up to 98th centile and has been climbing ever since!

How do you find it? sorry if that sounds odd what i mean is do you get many people commenting on his size? I had someone say how 'fat' she was (seriously that is what someone said about Amy i nearly floored them!!)

I have always worried about her size although she is a happy healthy baby even the hv thought i was lying when i talked about what she ate! she is also tall as well so she is in proportion.
Amy is now in 12-18months clothes and even had to buy a swimming costume for a 2 year old bless her!!
Is Samuel crawling yet? Amy isnt and im worried its because of her size

Sorry to ask you these questions!! just nice to see someone else with a larger baby!
Thanks xxxx


  • Hay mummy thomas, i really wudnt worry about amys size babies grow at all different rates and it horrible for people to make comments like that, I think Sophie is quite big for a girl but like amy she is very long to so its all in proportion. Sophie was 8lb 14oz wen she was born (and she was a week early, like amy was early). Im sure amy will start moving about wen shes ready i wudnt worry one bit just enjoy her while she still a baby.

    I used to think my little boy rhys was very big for his age, now hes 2 hes a dead fussy eater and all his baby fat has dropped off and he looks like a little boy now rather than my baby, hes not underweight or anything but i just think lo's go thru different stages wen they r young.

    Sorry i gatecrashed i know this was for sarah, just thought id barge in, lol xxxx
  • no thats fine Kerrymc!
    Thanks for your comments - i know i shouldnt worry but you do dont you?!
    actually when she is at nursery she looks the same size as the others im sure if it wasnt her weight it would be something else to worry about!!
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