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o/t redundant!

...well working in financial services I guess it was only a matter of time, especially as part of a training team (which lets face it is a luxury these days) but yesterday I was told that our team was being cut by 2 heads and I was going to be made redundant... I was told I could go straight home and didnt need to come back till Monday when I have another meeting... I've cried and cried partly with sadness at the people I'm leaving behind and partly the shock/relief of it all.... relief as its been something thats been a talked about between the team for so long, wondering if we will get hit and at least now I know where I stand! Thing is - its all I know, I've worked at the same place for 10 years, was my first proper job at 18 and I've progressed through the company and now I'm out!

Some of you may recall a post a few weeks ago from me saying I was considering a change in career and going to uni, and I still am pursuing this but even so its all still a shock and upsetting when it happens, especially in this way!

I get 12 weeks notice where they will put me on garden leave, which is a plus I guess but it means as of end of Jan my salary will stop and I am then officially unemployed!

I have no clue what to do... although will be pursuing my application for uni! I am aware that this may not work out though so am worried about whast the future holds!

Just glad we have redundancy ins on our mtg, only covers my half but will def help for a little while anyway!!

Other annoying thing is if you are within 6 mths of any salary change you redundacy pay is worked out on your old salary (for me my f/t pay was alot higher than my part time - about ??10k pa diff)... and typically my 6mths is up days before I will get my official notice of redundancy at end of this month (I'm currently in a 30 day consultancy period so notice of red served at end of the 30 days!?!)... this will make a good couple of thousand diff to my pay off.... need to get advice on this really as am not happy! After 9.5 years working f/t to get fobbed off with p/f severance is just sh*t!

Anyway - I've rambled so really sorry - just feeling pretty low... I know I will now get more time with Zac now (and more time to come on BE! lol) but I went back to work after having Zac for a reason - money! And come Jan I will be bringing nothing in!

Amy xxx


  • Hi love - try to take the stance of every bad happening for good. Your mind has been made up for you sort of thing. I'm sorry that you've been just outed though, it is still a shock. As for the pay as far as I'm aware, they are probably within their rights, but give ACAS a ring or look on their website are great at offering legal advice and know the ins and outs of updated law (it's completely free).

    Hope you find something that will be better for you in the long run honey and as Diana said, enjoy your time with Zac in the meantime.

  • Sorry to hear your news hun, I have no advice but want to wish you all the best for your future! xxx
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