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whats your babies.........

..... favourite toy??

Tyler at the moment loves anything that jingles. As long as it has a bell in it he will be occupied for ages! lol xx xx


  • lol today Ashtons favortite "toy" was a empty coke bottle!!! He send ages crawling around the floor after it!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
  • Nathan has a train that has balls which circle round and round and he can grab the out the top and put them back. You have to hit a button on the top to start it and it amazes me that he knows to do this.

  • his fisher price hop n pop bouney thingamy or his glowing tedy bear xxxxxxxxx
  • an elc singing teddy bear. or any 2 things that can be banged together!
    oh and a washed out bubble bath bottle (remind me why we spend so much on fancy toys? lol)
  • Hmmm! Would have to be his fisher price cookie jar shape sorter. He even knows that if he presses the button in the holes for the shapes it will speak to him without having to sort the shapes LOL. Daddy must have taught him that one. His all time fav has to be a pack of wipes though.
  • lol Trueman - i forgot about wipes! That dosnt change you know - not till they are about 2 / 3 lol. xx
  • Dylan loves his Tommee Tippee Mirror (so vain)!! Stacking rings, animal train & a soft monkey!
    S x
  • J's favourite is a vtech penguin that rocks and sings she loves it
  • my twins like whatever the other has...
    lots of fights already!!!!!
  • Masons fave toy is his trainers!!!!
  • Zac loves leaflets that he can rip up best!

    or his soft teddy lion rattle, first toy i bought him!
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