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How are the Junies doing

RE: sleeping???

Emily still wont go through, although I know she can because there are times she has done it. She naps well in the day though. xx


  • Usually she's pretty good! Still a late bedtime (9) but she does usually sleep through until about 7.30 - 8ish. I say 'usually' because last night the little madam woke up about 4ish (I think she was cold tbh) and came into bed with us to warm up, promptly took over the entire bed so I was clinging to the edge, and snored until 9am.

  • Sophie will go down quite happily at 7pm but then wakes at around 9pm for a bottle and is a little madam to get back down again. She often won't go back to sleep until gone midnight!! However once she's off she will now go through until gone 10am some mornings!! I'm trying to break the routine by getting her up earlier but she's having none of it. The second my back's turned she's asleep again until she wants to wake up, lol x
  • We have been really lucky with Emma and has always been a good sleeper most of the time and will go around 12 hours each night. Although last night she was a little minx and i was up about 5 times to see her because of her teeth but then she slept in til 10 so she has redeemed herself! x
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