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Sleep, please?!

Hi ladies, have not been here for a while but hoping someone may be able to offer some advice....

Archie doesn't sleep, he goes down at 7 pm, wakes at 2, then after that he is up every hour, I have tried everything I can think of, dream feeds, water instead of milk, leaving him to cry a little to settle himself back off, ignoring him, nothing works, he has 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, and 30 oz of milk, he should by rights be a chunk, but he only weighs 16lb 5oz, he shouldn't be hungry, but somehow he is still waking for milk?!

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong!

Any advice would be gratefully recieved...........

Thank you xx


  • sorry...he wakes at 2am..then you feed him? then he wakes every hour after that? do you get him out of the cot?

    my friend had a sleep nanny for a week and she said as long as you know they are not hungry/cold/wet/dirty then leave them in the cot and do not pick them up. draw s's on their back, massage their feet, stroke their belly/hair, and "ssshhhhhhh". do not talk or pick them up. its really hard the first few times but after a while they do calm down and drift off then because they know they are not getting cuddles they become better at self soothing. obviously when they are teething/are ill i dont follow this, i give medicine then rock her to sleep but have found this does help massively x x x
  • no advice as Emily isnt the best sleeper either but wondering how you & Archie were gwtting on? x
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