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10 month olds sleeping gone to pot...any advice greatly appreciated

Firstly some background information. William has pretty much slept through since about 12 weeks (I know we've been v.lucky with that one). At night I could put him down in the cot with his mobile on and with in about 15mins he'd be asleep. His naps on the other hand were all over the place, would only sleep for exactly 30mins then couldn;t get him back to sleep.

This changed at about 6 months and suddenly he was going down for naps well and having between one and a quarter and one and three quarter hours twice a day, and a 30min cat nap at about 4.30pm. However at night he wouldn't go to sleep without his dummy (didn't used to need it), and would wake a a couple of times in the early hours briefly (had to go in and replace dummy). He was still waking and getting up for the day at about 6.30am-7am though (going to sleep at about 7.30pm).

For the last couple of weeks he's been waking a couple of times a few hours after going to sleep in the evening (crying, but if put dummy in usually goes straight off again), and has been waking up earlier and earlier in the morning (between 5.15am-6am and will not go back to sleep). The last few days his naps have gone back to being short again and he's grumpy on and off during the day because of being tired. He is also REALLY difficult to get down to nap during the day/sleep at night. You lie him down and he pulls himself up on the side of the cot. You lie him down again and up he gets again. This goes on for anything between 30-60mins, sometimes longer. He's not usually crying, but just keeps standing up and hasn't learnt to sit down again.

Any advice would be much appreciated (sorry for the v.long post). x


  • Could it be teeth? Sophie was in a great little routine until a couple of weeks ago. She got her third tooth through on Monday so am hoping she will settle down again soon. However, as much as she wants to be on her feet she hasn't yet realised she can get there by pulling herself up in her cot. I think as soon as she does I too am going to have a nightmare getting her to sleep. Sorry no real advice but hope it's just a stage he's going through x
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