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Walking :0)

William has started walking over the last couple of days and by today is able to do a good 6-8 steps on his own before wobbling, and is getting quite good at walking holding onto your hand. William is 1 year and 1 week old today by the way.

How are all the other Junies doing?


  • Ahh lush! Emma is one next week and shes getting more and more confident but not walking just yet, i've not let her walk with anything i want her to just get up and walk by herself when she is ready,

    Would be lovely if she is walking by her birthday but very doubtful! x
  • Freya is cruising around the furniture and walks with her walker or when we hold her hands, but not doing it independently yet. She can stand for a couple of seconds by herself but as soonas she realises she grabs hold of something! Fingers crossed shes walking by sept 3 as she will be a flower girl at my brothers wedding and it would be nic for her to be standing up in the pics image
  • James took his first couple of steps yesterday, cruises the furniture all the time and always wants to be walking holding hands. Was very surprised when he turned towards me from the sofa yesterday and walked towards me, done it lots more again today. He was 1 on 6th June, think he will be well away within a couple of weeks! x
  • Lily has been more or less walking since she was 10 months old.

    She started walking holding onto my hands at 6 months old (CRAZY!), and then at 8 months started cruising furniture, then at 9/10 months started taking a few steps in between the sofa and the TV stand, she slowly got more and more confident and stood herself up in the middle of the room at 11 months old.

    She's now 13 months old and just got her first pair of shoes last weekend and is walking outside!

    She was never interested in crawling, so I guess that's why she started wanting to walk rather early.

  • My twins, born 22/6/10 (8 weeks prem) are finally properly walking. I've been in no rush for my babies to grow up, I rather enjoyed them crawling (and not spending ??64 on shoes every6 weeks- ouch) so haven't pushed them, but they are loving walking and their new shoes. So all our June babies are now officially toddlers huh?

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