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Anyone else having trouble getting their baby to settle?

Just as we're starting to solve the difficulties with b/f a new problem arises... we cant get him to sleep between feeds :cry:

Alex is now 14 days old, and tends to feed every 2.5 - 3 hours, it can take up to 10 mins to burp him sometimes longer, then he has a nappy change. We tired some cuddle/play time so he really is tired before putting him down but it hasnt helped. Hes such a wriggler he breaks free of swaddle robes or swaddling him in a blanket so thats not helping much either - the only time he seems to settle is being held upright on one of us (not good I know) but everytime you put him down he just starts again. Its only been the last couple of days hes had this many problems sleeping, I'm so confused not to menton tired as I cant get any naps when I dont know if he will settle or not?

Anyone else having/had the same problems?
Nic and Alex 14 days


  • Have you tried doing the nappy change first, then the feed? I find a feed tends to settle her and make her sleepy, doesn't always work but a lot of the time it does..x
  • Freya is 3 weeks old and we have exactly the same problem. Its worse at night - she is wide awake from about 6pm to 2am in the morning. We usually change her or bath her before a feed as otherwise the activity wakes her up more. She is usually sleepy in my arms at the end of a feed, but if you try to put her down her eyes are wide open, she starts wriggling around and then.....screams for hours! Hubby has taken to staying up with her from midnight until she falls asleep to give me a chance to get some kip before her 3am ish feed. However, he goes back to work tomoro, so don't think we will be able to do this any longer image Thought it might be colic and tried Infacol, but its not made any difference. Weirdly she is usually fine after an early morning (eg. 5am/6am) feed and goes back to bed straight away. During the day I end up having to hold her most of the time so she sleeps in my arms - otherwise she tires herself out. I think its because she likes being all snug to go to sleep and the moses basket is a bit big and scary. However, its too hot to wrap them all up at the mo

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  • I definitely think it's the heat that is keeping our babies awake.
    Try a nappy change, then a nice bath, then feed him, that should settle him a bit more.
    Also, inbetween feeds, if he seems to want more milk, give him cooled boiled water, as he's probably thirsty and not hungry.
    I hope I've helped, and good luck, I'm definitely beginning to get stressed because of the heat.
  • i would only give cooled boiled water if you are exclusively bottle feeding with formula.....breastmilk has eveything needed for baby and quences thier thirst even on very hot days(hence they feed more)giving water may comprimise your supply xx
  • How you getting on hunny?
  • I've been told he's going through a growth sprut (?sp) the weather doesn't help and just wants to cuddle his mummy to settle. Feels like he's now surgicaly attached to my boob but have to keep on telling myself it won't last for ever!!!
  • I have had the same problem also. I feel like little ollie so constantly attached to my boobies at the moment. My other half sleeps in the spare room on a night so he can get some sleep. Things have improved more recently. When he 1st came home he would not settle in his crib at all and was awake all night , hence not a wink of sleep for mummy image. Now he does settle in his crib and I'm finding him settle more and more. I think this has happened at the same time as my milk coming in and also him starting to out weight back on (he's now nearly back to his brith weight!). I have to say that at times I have thought about giving up on the breast feeding to see if he settles more but I am determined to carry on to at least he's 6 weeks.

    Anyone any idea when they do settle more or is it just a wait and see thing??
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