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Mum's jobs

I was reading an article about a stay at home Mum struggling to find work because she had been at home so long and had "no formal qualifications" - she was talking about how qualified she actually has to be to be a housewife...and its so true so I thought I would start a thread to see just how many roles we have as Mummys!

Ill start with..


  • Good thread - most unrecognised job in the world and the hardest!!

    Here are some roles I can think of ...
    * Event Manager (schedules events and activities for the household)
    * Risk Assessor
    * Accountant (managing a budget)
    * Entertainer
    * Welfare Officer

  • Love it, there are so many things we do:

    *Taxi driver
    *Menu planner
  • *Teacher
    *Referee (if you have more than one or older children)
  • * Personal Shopper (shopping for everyones clothes presents)
    * Calligrapher (writing birthday christmas cards ect)
    * Interior designers/ Decorator
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