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I still feel like Lily is getting bored a lot...
Really all she does at the moment is sit in her chair (bouncer thing), or lay on her play mat that has an arch over it...

Can you all share what your LO's favourite toys are at the moment?


  • Emily loves mirrors. She smiles and talks to herself for ages. she like the rattles that u attach to their wrist, also her scrunchy book is a fav coz she like to eat it! xxx
  • the Lamaze toys are great image We got Freya the fairy and the mermaid - she plays with them for ages in her swing! Also my dad bought her a cube from Mothercare with teether rings on each edge - she loves that too - i think partly because its got pictures of the same animals from her playgym! Also cloth books are great i bought a whole load second hand on ebay and put them in the washing machine so they are good as new. Her favourites are a black and white Faces one with a mirror on the front and a farm one with textured animals - we sing Old Macdonald with that book image

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  • James has a caterpillar from Mothercare with scrunchy bum and lots of legs - it is his best friend! That and a wiggly frog from early learning - they hang on his bouncy chair. He alo goes under his jungle gym but not for very long. He likes to lie in his inflatable flower donut thing and play with teething keys and LOVES this fabric square toy which has animals on and sings songs and his musical and lights drum - he really loves noise. xx
  • Poppy loves the toys off her play gym, so I take them off and put them on the bouncer and the pram arch so she can play with them in other places too (she has limited patience with the gym!! But can sit in her bouncer for ages!)

    She LOVES mirrors, vain little madam, and her black and white book of animals, and her very soft toys / comforters - she likes to chew them :lol:

    Mainly she likes people watching though! She likes to just sit on our laps and watch the world go by!

  • firsttime, we have Colin the Caterpillar too! He is just starting to show interest in it, yay!

    I don't feel like William is into much other than his arch that can go onto anything, so we put it on the bouncer, he loves it! I want to get some more noisy toys as he loves his mobile on the cot but doesn't seem to like things that aren't noisy!

    He also loves the baby in the mirror so I want to get a lamaze triangle shaped toy with a large mirror so he can use it for tummy time. I've looked for Jumperoos on ebay but they go for around ??50 still!
  • Jay loves his doorway bouncer

    also loves loopy linkz and a bendy plastic rattle thing from ELC (cant find link online) coz it's easy for him to pick up:,default,pd.html

    he adores his Elmer the Elephant (likes to chew him) and his Jellycat Farm Tails book
  • phoebe loves her jumperoo but she also like her teething keys and her lamaze fairy and playing peek a boo with her muzzy
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