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still not had first jabs

Im getting so frustrated with my drs surgery. Emily's first jabs (and my PN check) got delayed due to sickness with their staff, then I had to cancel because she had chickenpox and now they have just called to say that its been put back to the 27th as the nurse has gone home sick!!! ARGH! :x

sorry for the ramble. xx


  • Oh that's awful, hope she gets them soon x
  • yeh i hope so too! Thanks ladies xxx
  • Aww thats rubbish - my hv put Megans back too and she got them last week when she was just under 13 weeks - it means she will get the 3 the first time so she is up to date and then just get 2 the next 2 times so you'll get the worst out of the way! Hopefully she'll get them ok this time!

  • Thats terrible, surely they can sort out sickness cover! still at least you didnt have a sick nurse do them! Fingers crossed they do them next week or you should complain xxx
  • That's terrible! They sound like they need to get their act together...fingers crossed they go ahead next week! xxx
  • how annoying! im getting annoyed with my surgery too, cuz Phoebe was due her second lot of jabs 3 weeks ago and i haven't had the letter yet, and it's usually a couple of weeks from when you get the letter, she'll be about 17 weeks before she has her 12 week jabs!!! x
  • ILC jabs have a 4 week time scale so 12 week jabs can get done between 12-16 weeks - she'll still be a week late which isnt right but it doesnt sound as bad as 5 weeks late!

  • OMG....i feel lucky now. My gps arent that good but at least harry has had all his jabs on time! I didnt wait for a letter i just booked him an appt wen he would be 8wks and he had his check and they made the other appts there and then for me so they're exactly 4wks apart. Am dreading them sticking 3 needles in n ext time but at least they're all top ups so he wont have any reactions to them.

    I would def write and complain juniemummy. Thats just ridiculous they should have cover or at least have someone who can do it. You'd think theyd make sure there was someone to do the jabs for the little ones.
  • I spoke to one of the nurses this morning and she said that her & the nurse that went home sick were both working and she had to take majority of the other nurses patients for that day but some had to be defered. Apparently she had been in a car collision of some sort but it was only minor so still went to work but went home as she was shook up by it (understandable) so was sent home. She also said that if there are any cancellations (sp) earlier than the 27th she would call me.

    I felt a bit bad having a moan after i had spoken to her!
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