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I did it:-)

Well i finally did itimage caleb slept in his nursery last night. He was sooooo excited when he woke up in his own room this morning- bless his cottons! As for me i actually think the thought of doing it was much harder than actually doing it. I want to thank ilovecupcakes for suggesting the video monitor and thank victoria for selling me oneimage i love watching him sleep and its actually easier to see him on the monitor than it was to see him in the crib! It was like having my very own big brother live with the ultimate housemate! I slept suprisingly well too. He still woke up for his 4am feed (it was dark so dont think he realised he was anywhere different at that point) i got him up for his bottle and as usual he took about an ounce (think he wakes up more out of habit than hunger as he has also slept through this feed twice this week) so i put him back down awake and put his music and lights winnie the pooh box on then watched him go back to sleep on the monitor. Over all it was a great success. Love nat & caleb x


  • Me too lol! Harry slept really well but i didnt! I hate hubby working nights and dont usually sleep well as i wake at every sound so think part of it was this! Harry woke at 3 and took 3oz then woke at 6am and played in his cot for 20 mins before grizzling and coming into bed with mummy to snooze until 7! It wasnt as bad as i thought, and i think i'll sleep alot better tonight!
  • awh glad it went well for you too hunny:0) xxx
  • Well done you two, I really need to do it as I think James will sleep better but im not quite ready. I have the winnie the pooh light show too, James smiles and smiles everytime I put it on! x
  • well done!

    we have a video monitor which i love for when she goes to bed (she's still in with us but goes in the room a few hours before we do) and i know i wont be able to put her in her own room without it (and the movement monitor)

    Megan is quite a wriggler and i think she is going to grow out of her crib by the time she is 6 months but im not even going to consider moving her until she is at least 20 weeks...where is the time going?

    Well done and im glad caleb was ok x
  • well done ladies! xxx
  • Well done to you both, I'm really trying to pluck up the courage but just haven't been able to yet. She'll be 12 weeks on Sunday and I have been telling myself that I'll do it at 12 weeks but think I need a couple more weeks now the time is so close. She is fast out-growing her moses basket though and I can't fit her cot into my bedroom so I'll soon have to do whether I like it or not x
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