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Where have you put your Child Trust Fund voucher?


As per subject heading really, I am just interested to find out which provider you have gone for?

I am worried about investing it with a bank, given all the problems recently, and wondered whether someone like Tesco's may be better as they continue to make huge profits year after year.

Know there's no right or wrong answer but any thoughts welcome...



  • I've been debating the same thing myself!

    I thought about the banks but just so unconvinced by them at the moment for obvious reasons.

    Sorry no help but will be interested in what others have done!

    x x x
  • Glad you posted this, It just reminded me that we have not recieved Freddie's yet?
    how long did you all wait to get yours?
  • Hi, hubby sorted this all out for us and found somewhere - Family Investments Ethical Child Trust Fund - who as the name says only invest in ethical companies (listed on FTSE). When you join you get a choice of ??20 Boots voucher or ??15 pounds and they plant a tree for you. We're topping it up each month too. This is hubby's 'baby' - he's putting it in shares but will monitor it closely... Hails, we got the cheque really quickly - 2 wks after applying for child benefit.
  • hiya hunny,
    hope you and little evie are ok.
    I put Noah's in the same building socitey that my savings account is with.
    i just used the savings account option as i didn't like the idea of stocks and shares.
    But while in was at it, i opened in a second account, of where i am a trustee of Noah's and money can be withdrawn for him if needs be unlike the CTF.
    I do pay money into both accts for him each month so hopefully there will be a good amount in there for when he is a big boy.
    Francesca&Noah xx
  • We chose nationwide too. Their not a bank and I felt it was the safest option.
  • We have gone with Yorkshire building society x
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