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Can I join you please

Hi, We have just had an amazing shock that we are expecting again despite not planning to have any more and being on the pill. I am due sometime towards the beginning of June but not too sure of dates yet. This is due to being on cerazette and having Lmp on 23august. I got what I thought was a stomach bug at the beginning of October when the rest of my family got a bug. However I never got over it and have spent every day since feeling extremely ill. I had to have a day off work on Friday due to my asthma playing up so went to drs. Found out that I have a bad chest infection but while I was there I mentioned my inability to get over the stomach bug so they asked me to do a test - bfp! They think I am about 11-12 weeks but am waiting for a scan to give me a date. This is a rather large shock to us as we were not planning to have any more due to complications of pregnancy every time that I endure. I have 3 lovely children already 2 boys that I conceived with fertility treatment due to pcos. Then our surprise little girl came along last year ( a surprise as we didn't plan any more and was told it wouldn't happen due to fertility issues!) It looks like my body has gone in to overdrive now for having babies and does not want to stop no matter what. I am struggling with extreme sickness coupled with extreme hunger and fatigue. I work full time and this has taken its toll on my fatigue. I just can't believe I have gone from trying for 4 and half years needing treatment and countless miscarriages to getting pregnant while on the pill. We are excited about having another but apprehensive about the journey. Sorry for the long post but I have not talked to anyone as no one else knows apart from my husband. I am still getting used to it myself and know that there will be a lot of raised eyebrows and questions from work colleagues and family as it will be my fourth. Hope everyone else is doing well.


  • Hi sorry confusing for everyone just changed my screen name this is still me
  • Wow what a wonderful surprise image

    I've know since 4weeks so the last 7weeks have been a drag.

    When will you have your scan?

  • Congratulations and welcome!

    How lovely that your body has gone from no effort to super effort to have a baby! Funny things bodies lol

    It is obviously ment to be! Four children isn't many I know two women who had 9 and 10 children!!! I want 4 (although I say 9 just for peoples reactions! Lol).

    2 girls 2 boys would be lovely then everyone has a brother and sister image

    I'm Emma, I've a dd aged 2, had a mc (after ttc 17 months) in September and now pg and due approx 11th June. Scan in 1 week. Excited. I'm 10w 5 days.

  • I have to phone on Tuesday to get a date. The dr said it wouldn't be long as they wouldn't want to miss the possibility of doing the nuchal scan so in the next week or so I should imagine. It is the first time I haven't spent the first 6 weeks worrying about every twinge and feeling incase it is another miscarriage so feels very surreal at the moment. My boss is going to have a fit when I get round to telling her, not to mention the consultant when he finds out as I have to be under consultant supervision due to complications. Oh well all fun and games.

    My DH and I have come to the decision that maybe this time I won't go back to work. Childcare for 3 full time was interesting, childcare for 4 will be mindblowing!

    Time to look at other income options allowing me to work from home. image

    Yes it is a nice surprise though thank you
  • Congratulations Emma, miscarriages are tough I really feel for you, I bet you are counting down until a scan and that magic date where the chances drop dramatically. It feels so weird having missed that section out completely without realising!

    We decided it was obviously meant to be and yes 2+2 would be lovely my DH is secretly hoping for it I can tell from our discussion over the past 2 days. For me either is fine we were obviously meant to have this little blessing whatever it is.

    Look forward to hearing about the results of your scan. Will update when I find out when mine is.
  • Congratulations and welcome to our group x
  • Awe wow..Congratulations! Xx
  • Wow what a nice suprise for you image
  • Thank you. Yes it is a nice surprise now i am getting used to the news. Haven't told anyone at all yet and have now got to come up with an excuse to get my parents to look after my 3 cherubs while I have my scan. If I took my oldest, the whole world would know within an hour as he is incapable of telling lies due to his specific needs. Brilliant to determine fault when they are arguing not so good for keeping family secrets.
  • Does your oldest have autism or aspergers? I work with children in care who have learning difficulties and or physical disabilities, most of them on the autistic spectrum. I love my job and at the moment it's extra difficult as I have to be careful with the moving and handling side but on the plus side I get to avoid all the extreme behaviours of one particular young person we have at the home I'm based at.

  • They are certain it is aspergers, he is very able but struggles with change, new situations, making friends and things not being perfect! I know what you mean about challenging children at work as I work with kids and have many issues. However no one knows so I have to try and distance myself without people realising! All fun and games
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