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Would it be obvious on a doppler if you were having twins?

Would it be obvious when using a doppler if you were having twins? Its just something I wondered. I Don't think I'm having twins lol just intrigued me. X


  • My friend had twins 2 years ago and she said when you listened to one heartbeat you could hear the other babys in the background...not sure that was the case the whole way through her pregnancy or earlier on! I wish i could hear babys heartbeat but no luck yet! image Im just 9+1 though so hoping its just to early but all my symptoms have gone! Wish i could just hear that magical sound! x
  • Hmmm when I listened last night it was like that I could hear a strong one and in background the same fast beat but quieter. Think it may just have been echo but gosh I thought "Omg twins!" Lol

    I heard babies at 9w 4 days so your about the right time keep trying, low down, loads of gel move slowly and be patient. You'll find him x
  • Oh realy!!! How could be'll soon find out! image I hope so baby boom i just tried again tonight but cant find it image I'll keep trying...wish the next 3 weeks would hurry up to my scan.xx
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