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Had scan yesterday :-)

Hi ladies, So had the scan yesterday, I was feeling so anxious beforehand and even doubted there was a little bean in there but the minute I saw it on screen all fears went away and I paid there like a Cheshire Cat for the remainder of the scan. As bean had their hand on there face they were struggling to see the nasal bone, I did have a little panic my child was going to be without a nose but after shaking around a little she moved and all was fine. The result for risk for DS was extremely low something like 1 in 17000, so we were pleased with that especially as there is a history of it on OH side. They brought my date forward by three days so now due 5th June image I will be having the 20wk scan in the FMU clinic instead of antental clinic as I have a cardiac condition so they will do a more thorough scan of heart as well as the normal anomallly/gender stuff. Will be very relieved to kow baby's heart is all good so bring on January. I'm seeing he consultant on Tuesday as well as the obstetric cardiologist then too. They were a little concerned that I've lost 8.8lbs in just over two weeks but I did explain just how sick I've been. So apart from all that, it was amazing I will try get a piccy up once I work out how. Lol Good luck to everyone with scan moving up xxxxx


  • That's Fabtastic news! And 5th June is when all the clever ppl are born! (its my birthday)

    Looking forward to a pic.

  • That is great news Nainai, and hopefully makes all your sickness worthwhile when you saw your little baby on the screen. I could look at my scan pic for hours on end just day dreaming.x

  • That's great news. I hope all your other appointments go well.
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