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Feeling Rubbish :(

I am not expecting replies it really is just a selfish post.

I never really had morning sickness for the first 9 weeks and then all of a sudden at 9 weeks I started to feel sick on an evening. At first I would just wretch once over the toilet, burp (sorry if tmi) and then feel much better. But from about 10 weeks onwards I have started being sick every night both before and after dinner.

Hubby works late and then goes straight to the gym so at first I thought it was because I was eating late (7:30-8pm - usually in bed by 9pm as up at 5am), but he went away this weekend and I started having dinner at 5pm and the same thing happened. It is not even certain types of food or certain smells, I just all of a sudden feel sick and then vomit.

Then last week it started in the morning too. This morning was the utter worse. Hubby still away so was getting ready by myself for work, all changed, showered, etc just make-up to do. When all of a sudden felt utterly sick ran to the bathroom but didn't make it in time and threw up half in the loo and half on myself. Then promptly burst into tears. Called in sick to work and am now wallowing in self pity. Called hubby and he was very sympathetic, told me to go back to bed and he would be home soon.

Just feel awful, I am a teacher so really concious of taking time off work as my students finish for their exams in March and I only have 2 weeks left until the Christmas holiday's and so much to cover with them. I don't really care about the school its just my students and I know they will all email me tonight on my school email asking if I am ok and I will feel even more guilty (I haven;t told them I am pregnant yet he he).

And to top it all off I have my 12 week/nuchal scan this afternoon and I was soooooo excited about it and now I just feel rubbish image

I am sorry for the rant, just really wanted to get it off my chest as nobody really knows I am pregnant and I live far away from home. Just feeling a little overwhelmed I guess x x


  • Hi

    Hope you are feeling a little better. I am feeling exactly the same it is an awful feeling. Especially if no one else knows so no one to help.

    Resting sometimes helps as sickness gets worse when tiredness sets in. hope oh is pampering you as soon as he gets back.
  • Oh that's pants! I do hope you start to pick up and your scan goes well. I'm sure your students will just be concerned, especially if your not usually off sick. Look after yourself. X
  • If its any consolation I usually feel sicker in the evening too and I have felt worse again these last 4 days or so. I had felt really bad at about 6,7,8 weeks then felt bit better for a couple of weeks but now I am 11 weeks I feel worse again.
  • Thanks for lovely replies, made me feel much better.... after this mornings initial outburst and a day resting I feel much better.

    I also had my 12 week scan this afternoon and it was AMAZING! Baby was kicking and waving its arms every time the Dr pressed down, she said it was big for the dates and everything was there and seemed all happy and healthy. She also said that heart beat was 170 and said it may be a girl (Hubby not overly happy about that HAHA).... so we shall see! Had bloods and urine done and going back for next check up on the 30th December. Feels so real now and can't stop staring at my scan picture!

    Once again, thanks ladies. The support on here is amazing and really does get you through x x x

  • I am glad you are feeling better and the scan went well. My DH is hoping for a girl so we would have 2 of each. I am not bothered but have a feeling it is more likely to be a girl than a boy because of how I am feeling so far.


    It is amazing what some rest can do for you, make sure you keep rested

  • How are you feeling now flutterby2?x
  • Hi LisaLou, much better thank you. I have been great all week but strangley today I was stood talking to someone at the stables and I came over all dizzy and had to sit down. My baby book said it is common but first time I experienced it! That said I had spent the whole day trapsing two malls to find decent maternity jeans (out here we are limited) and doing a spot of Christmas shopping so I can send it back to the UK in time. Mission accomplished but had to take a nice long nap when I got home ha ha!

    I only hve 5 days of work left before we have a 3 week holiday so almost wishing these days away (if I didn't have so much to get done with my students I would he he)

    How are you doing? x x

  • Not too bad thank you. Still on anti sickness meds. But at least I'm keeping hydrated now on them. Don't fancy another drip. So although I'm still not feeling normal I am definitely doing better and have gone back to work this week after a month off sick. X
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