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Who have you told?

Just wondered who you have told so far.

Even though this is my 8th pregnancy and will be my 4th child, it has taken me 2 weeks to get up the nerve to tell my parents - I felt like a school childimage as there seems to be alot of raised eyebrows at the thought of a 4th. So far my DH, our kids and my mum and dad are the only ones that know. I haven't even contemplated telling my boss as she will NOT be impressed to say the least. She has a real issue with people going on maternity leave and doesn't take too kindly to people being pregnant. I have been there for all of my pregnancies and I can already picture the discussions that will take place when people find out. Haven't really got many other people to tell though.

If you haven't told anyone yet when are you planning to tell?


Just nosy really image


  • I am the same as you AOEno4 about telling my parents, I think it is a catholic thing for me even though I am married with a dd already it is weird telling them, ha ha they were of course over the moon. My immediate family know, however my sister is so excited and has a big gob and has told people she works with and friends of hers. My husband has told his immediate family to which the response was about time you had another! Well excuse me for having a mc in Feb and taking some time to get over it! I will maybe tell my cousins after 20 week scan as I have alot and they will be over the moon.x

  • I told my family after my 12 wk scan, I was too excited I was virtually busrting! I haven't told my work though as I know they wont be pleased because im in a new role xx

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