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Maternity clothes

I have been at a complete loss with maternity clothes shopping these past two weeks. I no longer fit my normal clothes and have not yet been able to find any maternity clothes. All shops that I went to before either have very rubbish limited stock - mothercare. Or are like Asda and M&S and are no longer selling them in store. Asda are not selling at all apparently and M&S are only selling online. I like to try them on to see what they look like before parting with money so dislike buying online as I never know what size to get. M bump grows so quick that my size changes all the time. Anyone else having problems finding maternity wear? I am kicking myself for getting rid of my previous clothes - not expecting to need them again I gave them away. Sorry just felt like moaning as it seems that shops have decided to all cut back on these clothes.


  • Totally agree!

    New look is my best local maternity clothing store but then they only have limited stock, but good for work tops I find. Plus low prices!

    Most do only do them online like asos, new look, dot Perkins, gap, next etc, they normally have a free returns policy though, I know its a lot of messing about but prob only option, unless you travelled to another city which stocked maternity clothing at your chosen store.

    Or my fav....eBay!! Most of my maternity clothes are off ebay to be honest.

  • Thankfully I kept most of my maternity clothes from last time - there are a grand total of 3 shops to buy mat clothes in my city New Look (where I got most of my stuff last time) Mothercare and a minute section in Debenhams. Last time round me and hubby took a trip to a big retail park with mamas and papas, big next,dp's etc as I hate buying online too. Looking through the clothes from last time the sizes vary from 12's to 16's!!! Its so frustrating that there are so many shops here that do maternity ranges but not in my local shop - there's a big next next to mothercare here surely it would make sense for them to stock the maternity range?!
  • In our city we have 3 new looks but only one stocks maternity clothing and not really a lot. H&m also do a little in there shop....or used to. My maternity clothes ranged from size 12 - 16 too image
  • Hello ladies, just thought I'd let you know about the company I work for

    We have some gorgeous maternity/breastfeeding clothing.   I notice many of you don't like online shopping which I do understand, it can be a faff to have to return things but we often run 'free returns', sometimes 'free delivery' too.  So you can order various sizes and styles and just return whatever doesn't suit.  If you fancy a discount code, just sign up to our VIP newsletter

    Many of our dresses and tops are suitable for maternity and breastfeeding so they are really worth investing in.  We also have some gorgeous new mum and baby gifts.  Take a look and please let me know what you think image

  • I have had the same problem!  Every shop I have been in has told me "To view the full range online" if I have been really lucky "You can order and have them delivered to store"!  Its so frustrating, I have to try clothes on, I never seem to be a consistant size from one shop to another so ordering online isn't the best option for me!

    The only place I have found some clothes is Debenhams Red Herring range and New Look although they don't have a huge range!

  • Wow, I know a lot stock maternity online (Next, H&M, Asda, M&S, Ebay) but local to me we have Dorothy Perkins with a maternity section, Peacocks with a maternity section, Debenhams Red Herring section does maternity & M&S also do maternity underwear.

  • I recently tried Morphmaternity products and I must say that I am impressed. All their clothes are extremely comfortable and their sleep wear is superbly designed for during and post pregnancy with discrete openings for nursing. It is everything a woman could ask for.image
  • I'm really struggling to get any maternity clothes in plus sizes? Any ideas? It's so frustrating!

    especially the lack of underwear! I need plus size over the bump? 

    Any help gratefully received x

  • Yes, there are lots of collections by great designers, and even plus size, swimwear, and more at

    some items even have free shipping and returns....

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