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I love Christmas but so tired!

Anyone else got post Christmas fatigue?!! I love it but totally pooped now an my DD was really overwhelmed by it all. We have ended up having to take the sides off her cot bed and do the whole duvet pillow thing as she went a bit mad and kept throwin herself out of her cot!! Xxx


  • Me too. After Xmas with my family around and a 5,3 and 1 year old I feel like I need a break to get over it. I am not looking forward to going back to work on Monday and have already put into the calendar all of the half terms etc and the count down til I can start my maternity leave. Not that I am eager to not have the stresses of work or anything.

    My 3year old did that constantly with his cot when he was 18 months old so had a toddler bed from then which was handy as it meant we could put cot in baby room as dd had just arrived.

    Can't wait till next Xmas though as next little one will be here!
  • I loved Christmas....dd is 2.5 so it was the first time she was like "wow" lol I am counting down my days at work though sooooo much to do before re-vamp, hallway and nursery to decorate, new bedroom furniture for dd so baby can have cot bed etc busy busy bee!! Oh and were off to butlins in April touch wood image
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