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So what does a summer baby need in the way of clothes??

Ok so I just got all my little boys baby clothes out of the loft to sort through but then realised he was a winter baby and this will be a summer baby. So what will still be suitable? What do you put a summer baby in anyway??


  • hi there,my daughter was born in july 2011 & it was very hot too.i found sleeveless vests really helped & a thinish fleece blanket to wrap them up in through out the night really does depend on the weather when your baby arrives.u can always check their chest & back,then work out how many layers they will need.i brought my daughter home in lil leggings,dress & cardigan.the midwife told me that babies need that one extra layer than we do as if we ad a short sleeved t-shirt on,they wud need an extra layer.i can see why you've asked,it will be the same for me as i hope my 2nd baby will b a winter one (planning to ttc end of 2013).any tips? hope im some help for you. image
  • Thanks! I'm sure I'm worrying about silly things and maybe trying to find an excuse to buy a load of pink clothes though I know I must be sensible and not do it. Good luck ttc. I have been v lucky as always conceived first month after coil removal in spite of retroverted uterus (I did mc first time do not entirely plain sailing!). I think it was just knowing when I was ovulating that worked for us but I am lucky that I have a very regular cycle. Hope things work out for you!
  • Hi I was the same as you with my last one my two boys had been winter babies but she was born in July 2011. We also used a lot of sleeveless vests. I went to Nct sales and got a lot of cute little cotton summer dresses that she lived in. She had socks instead of tights and lots of summer hats for the sun. At bed itime she had a vest and sleepsuit or a romper suit with socks if it was really hot and a thin blanket. She also had a lot of cardigans for that extra layer. It depends on the type of summer and where the room is in the house. Our little girls room is north facing so is cooler than our boys room.

    We don't have anything though and are starting from scratch as we got rid of all baby things last time as she was our last sonars in the same position as you having to get new clothes.

    I would def go to Nct sales if there in your area as they had so much. I will be going to ours to by neutral bits due to baby refusing to show it's colours!
  • My dd was also a June baby image

    It was warm so wore mainly sleeveless vest and nothing else or short onesies, on cooler days I had her in a full sleepsuit. Then in a couple of weeks we put her in dresses with socks.

    For a boy I'd put in short onesie for longer prob then shorts and t-shirt etc on hot days.

    I was also told to dress them in one more layer than you'd wear.

    With the good old British weather I wouldn't discard your winter clothes though! image
  • Thanks. There's an nct sale in a couple of weeks so have recruited mum to go with me so we can get double amount of bargains!! All my boys clothes are blue (all except one outfit handed down but no one seems to be passing things on this time!) so think I'll need a few more girls bits though she can wear blue at home and at night!!
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