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How is everyone in june 2013?

As we reach 3rd trimester I thought is see how everyone is. I'm good (well got cold atm). Nursery nearly done. Clothes washed, ironed and put away. Just my room to sort now. 4d scan Friday, can't wait! X


  • How organised! Wow! We have no nursery as we have run out of rooms so baby will be in our room. As we had stopped at 3 with no plans for more we got rid of all baby items so have no moses basket or clothes or anything yet I am so disorganised. I said to my dh about starting to get bits for my hospital bag as I usually am in and out of hospital during final stretch. I am yet to get a thing. Will probably start at easter during the hols inbetween writing school reports.

    I am suffering with constant sickness again so have to go all day long without food so that I can work as I have 10weeks left. I see my consultant every 4 weeks as I am now struggling to breathe or walk but no crutches yet. Which is the furthest I have got. I now can't wait for our bundle to arrive and find out what it is. Believe it or not but despite me being massive in bump size where I can't reach my shoes so no laces, my class of 10 and 11 year olds still don't know and haven't really noticed that I have changed considerably. I also have yet to recieve my mat paperwork or have my risk assessment done as my work are still in denial!

    How is everyone else as it has been so quiet on here
  • Wow work are a bit lax! I thought legally it had to be done by now? I'm surprised your class haven't said kids are normally very out spoken about things.

    Sounds like you need to get a wiggle on with your hospital bag if bump is paying its toll. That's one thing I've not sorted or thought to much about yet. I'll do it next week maybe. image

    Glad your looking forward to babies arrival now as your shock bfp.

    It is very quiet, surprised there are no new June mums joined but then everyone I know is due in April or July (and mostly having girls!) And my antenatal classes for June mums had plenty of spaces available this time!
  • Well my class know now after me being forced to say something after a supply teacher commented to a different class about me having a baby. I had to tell them and they were shockwd and speechless when I took my jacket off to reveal my massive bump. There were a lot of gasps and by the end of lunch they had decided I was so big I was obviously having triplets. I still haven't had any paperwork at all yet from work so not surprised thatnothing has happened. My cover was advertised today though.

    My dh said today about not having a single thing forbaby and the need to get bits as if baby comes early it will have nothing to wear including nappies. I know I need to get a move on it will be in easter that I get any time to do it so looking forward to easter so that I can prepare.

    I bet you are really looking forward to the scan on Friday, I would love to do that. We never did it with others and have heard that it is really exciting.

    Will you get a dvd of the scan as well?
  • Well at my end everything baby wise is sorted, nursery is finished image just waiting on mattress as it was out of stock but that is being picked up Tuesday. I've more than achieved my goal of being done by end of march.

    I need to organise my hospital bag for me and I'm having a baby shower (against my original wishes) but it will be a giggle and there will be a cake so all is good lol

    Only problem I appear to be having is the baby thinks it's nice and comfy when it's poking my ribs and I can't sit nice anymore lol

  • Hello, I am due in June!!!!

    Nice to meet everyone x

  • Hey mummymoon congratulations! X
  • Hi everyone I'm due June 26th!

    im waiting for the nursery furniture to be delivered and going to get my fiancée too start painting this weekend!

    i too am suffering with baby poking me in the ribs lol, it's such a weird feeling! 

    So excited now, only 2 wks left at work woohoo!


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