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Hello x

Hello ladies

I used to be in due in june 2010 my name is toyah im due baby number 5 on the 19th june this year.

Is there ay of us still left on here?

Looking forward to finding out out about you all xxxxxxxxx


  • Welcome

    I am due a surprise number four onn the 16th june. Congratulations on your 5th.

    It is quite quiet on here as the majority use the facebook group. There also doesnt seem to be many of us due in june at all.

    Do you know what you are having? We are having a surprise as it wasn't giving away any secrets.

    We have a feeling it is more likely to be a girl though due to my extreme sickness that I had at the beginning and again now that preventing me from eating. Similar to my last one which was a girl.

    Welcome again
  • Hey hun im having a girl image I have 2 of each so it really did not matter I just had to know lol x


  • We really wanted to know as well so we could sort out where everybody would be sleeping but it wasn't having any of it. We have 2 boys an a girl already so are not really that bothered. Finding it difficult to prepare for as we have no baby things ay all as we got rid of every thing after the last one - no plans for more. We have yet to get a single item as we are trying to find unisex items and everything near us on ebsy seems to be eithet boys or girls. We are planning to get our first items while I am off over easter.

    How about you are you all prepared like the majority of peopke at our stage?
  • Hi i'm due 12th June this is my first and I didn't wan to know I like the idea of a suprise image i'm steph by the way lol x


  • Hey!

    I'm a ex June 2010 mum too!!

    Due baby no2 (3rd pg) on 7th June again and another girl!

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