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weight at 8/9 months.

hi just wondering how your lil ones are doing on the weight scale! (i like to know just 2 reasure me that jaydens growing proply lol)


  • Hi Ellie is 8 months next week & was weighed on tuesday at 15lb 1oz xx
  • Olivia is 8 1/2 months and weighs 17lb 10 and is 69.5cm long. On about 25th centile for weight and just over 50th for length x
  • Lucas is about 20lbs at the moment.
  • Sam hasnt put on any weight as he has been ill so he is only just over 23lbs he has also dropped to the 98th percentile on height

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  • Hi!
    Hope everyone is well! Had Bella weighed about 2weeks ago at her 8mth check and she was 21lbs 2oz. She is short and tubby,like mummy!! She is still not drinking her milk though, I struggled to get 5oz in her today. HV said not to worry aslong as she is having cheese and yogs.

    Lu and Bella
  • Lexi is 16lb 14oz , she loves her grub but is always on the go, so not putting on the lbs, unlike mummy now I have stopped bf !x!

    Miss Olivia is doing great as her and Lexi were always the same, well done x
  • Just re-read my post which was meant to say 16lb 10oz :lol: That was about 2 1/2 weeks ago though so i've just stuck her on our scales and it says 17lb exactly. Probably not entirely accurate mind. She would've done very well to have made it to 17lb 10oz in 2 1/2 weeks considering she's been ill aswell :lol: Silly mummy :roll: x
  • we are due to go for amelias 9 month check since she is 9 months in a few days. 26th to be precise!
    She is on my scales 15lb. She is very petite but think its due to her been 5 weeks early. She is still in some 3 to 6 month but mostly 6 to 9 though a lot of these ae huge on her.

    d xx
  • Samuel was 18lb 5 oz at his 8 month check (8 months plus 1 week). He's 72cm long. He's on 25th for weight, 75th for height.

    J x
  • freya was 17lb 5.5 last monday at exactly 8 months. she is between the 50th and the 25th for her weight, but she isnt very long only about 65cm. x
  • toby was 17lb 14oz on monday he will be 9 months on 2nd dec .not crawing yet but is trying
  • Aimee was 17lb 10oz on Wed. She had put on 6lb in 5 weeks but HV not worried. I assume it just slows down now. Im only going to go a few more times I thing. Because she wont eat mush tho only finger foods im paranoid how much she is actually eating!!
  • Mia is 8 and half months now and is weighing in at 18lbs 9ozs on our scales at home. x
  • At 8mths and 6 days phoebe weighed in at 14lb 6oz and length was 67 1/4 ( not sure if length is right as sure HV didnt do it properly, it was a differnt one to my usual one)
  • Amelia is tiny in comparison to some....she is just ove 7kg!!! bless. Been 5 weeks early has def had some impact on her.

    need her 9 month check up even though she is 10 months on boxing mad is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    d xxx
  • its mad isnt it?? Mind you I have to pay about 80 quid for the get nothing free out here! Also, charlie needs injections and I need to start round of injections that is going to run into 100's of pounds. dont get me started on my 3 crumbling teeth....... rant over!!!!!!!!! On the plus side though we are tax free so its swings and roundabouts. You all pay for NHS through your wage so you are entitled to a good fair system and check ups as and when. Imagine if a baby at 9 months is showing signs of something wrong (ie clicky hip, heart defect et...) if this is not picked up due to check up been months late then it can have serious side effects.

    hope you get seen soon...

    d xxxx
  • hi

    got Nick weighed today and he is 18lbs he will be 9months comin 20th. Dont think he is putting on weight much though some how feel he is growin tall... his 6-9months clothes are fitting him perfectly n in another week or 2 he will be out of them.
  • Hi,

    Zara was 8months on the 11th and is 20lb 5oz, and is 74cm long, she is in 12m0nths or 12-18months which looks really funny (am still breastfeeding) cos I am 5ft 2" but hubby is 6ft 2" I think she will be a tall girl.

    She has 2 teeth and is crawling and pulling herself up.


    PS) am petrified to stop breastfeeding as I am back to 8st 8lb and do not want to gain weight again, was 11st 2lb at the end.
  • last time i had freya weighed ahe was 17lb15 but she is only 67 cm long, bless. her 6-9 month clothes are still quite big on her, the outfit i brought for her to wear at christams is 9-12 months and it going to swamp her. im going to have to strech her out this week so that she fits in it. x
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