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Do you think she's ready to be potty trained??

Hi ladies, I know there is a similar thread but I am wondering whether Alex is ready to be potty trained. I have wanted to start her for the last few months, but not quite sure how to go about it or if she's ready. She pulls at her nappy alot during the daytime. Everytime she does it I ask if she's doing a wee wee, but get no response. She puts her hands over her mouth and gasps when she farts. That one makes me laugh! She has started taking her nappy off when she is in a sleepsuit. I've actually found her eating poo one morning. It was horrific, it was everywhere, all over her hair, arms and face. She now sleeps in PJ's! I have a potty like a chair, but she just takes the middle out and uses it as a chair, sits on it to watch TV! She is very curious when I go to the toilet and will often watch me having a wee and wiping etc (she wont let me close the toilet door - otherwise she goes mental) I am wondering whether I should leave her with her nappy off - but I'm also worried about what damage she'll do!



  • sounds like a day in the life of sam lol although he didnt eat the poo he did smear it everywhere. the rest is just like sam too.
  • Hmmm.... I'm not sure. If she's not interested in actually doing a wee in her potty, and if she doesn't respond when you ask her if she needs a wee or a poo, maybe she's not quite there yet. Then again, I'm a first timer so what so I know?!?!

    I leave Samuel's nappy off in the morning briefly when trying to change him. He runs around the living room then stands still to do a wee standing up which I catch in his potty (most of the time!!). This is followed by a rapturous round of applause from me and Samuel, and he looks very impressed with himself. In spite of this, I still don't think he's actually ready to by PT yet.

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