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Stopping breastfeeding, Please help with my formuala qus!

I've decided to stop bf-ing. My immune system is so run down since having shingles and I seem to catch every bug going, so I think it's time to stop and get myself well again. I've got mixed feelings as I've really loved bf-ing and would like to do it for a bit longer, but I think the time is right to stop now and I'm pleased it worked well for us over the last 9 months anyway.

Right.... I haven't a clue what I'm doing re. bottle-feeding so here goes.....

Samuel only ever wants 2 or 3 ounces in the afternoon (I've dropped this BF over the last few days). Do you think it may be because I'm trying him with follow-on milk? Should I switch back to stage 1 as this might be more like breast milk? Or maybe they don't drink much milk in the day at this age anyway?

I'm thinking of trying him with 6oz three times a day. Is this about right? I don't think he'll drink it all but he's pretty good with cheese and yoghurt and has 3 or 4 oz on his cereal.

Is anyone else still doing a dream feed or a late feed at 10 / 11pm? I stopped this a while ago but I've been doing it again recently due to night waking / me worrying about low fluid intake in the day. Maybe I should do a snack bottle at this time to. Hmmm.... it's all trial and error I suppose.

Do we need to still sterilise everything at this age? I'm sterilising bottles but I'm not bothering with bowls and spoons etc.

I'd be so grateful of some tips girls.


Jo (from my sick bed - cough cough) x


  • I'm still sterilising. I think you are supposed to do it til a year old. 3 bottles of 6oz sounds plenty when considering the milk/dairy from his food. When switching Lucas at first he would only take the ready made cartons of milk because it tastes more like breastmilk than the powder stuff. Aptimal is the best I think. Stage 2 can cause constipation but I dont think it tastes much different.

    Lucas still gets breast fed morning and night but has a bottle before his morning nap, Sometimes he drinks it all, sometimes only half. I try to give some to him in a cup in the afternoon if he has only taken half in the morning.

    Good Luck!
  • Can't help on the giving up BF front cos we only lasted 2 weeks before my body packed up! Evie's now on the progress milk (we use SMA) and she has 3 x 8oz bottles a day, 7am, 3pm and 6.30pm. I'm sure my HV said they should be having the equivalent of a pint of milk a day at this age but I think cheese and dairy contribute to that. I'd be tempted to try and cut out the late feed if I were you, maybe give Samuel some cereal before his bedtime bottle if he's hungry but if it works for him and you're happy with it then go for it lol!! When it comes to sterilising I only do bottles and dummies.
    Hope you feel better soon hon.

  • im also with you Jo. i have decided to go 'cold turkey' as Sam hates formula but starting tomorrow no more bfeeding. i also would have liked to carry on to a year but i go back to work soon (or start a new job hopefully) so need to stop. i also got loads of hassle went i took Sam home last time and dont think i could stand it again when we go down for christmas.

    good luck (i will be sharing your pain too)
  • Thanks for the tips guys. There are really useful things in all your posts - ta so much.

    I have gone for Aptimil, but I am having difficulty stopping the morning and eve feed. I find bf-him so convenient in bed in the morning and after his bath. I think the bigger problem is that I can't bring myself to stop! I'm too attached to it. It's almost like he won't need me any more. Oh crumbs - what am I like.

    I'm just taking it a day at a time now. Giving him a bottle in the afternoon of follow-on milk and that's going well. Will keep you posted.

    Jo x
  • Hey Jo,
    As Lara said you & Chris have both done an amazing job of doing this for 9 months!
    It is going to be very difficult for both you & Samuel to adjust to it but the key is doing it slowly but routinely.

    If it's any help I make up my bottles by sterilising them then letting them cool & letting the water in the kettle cool for half an hour.
    Then I fill the bottles- I have 8 & 4 have 4 oz in them & the others have 6.
    Ellie will take 4oz at 4am & 6oz when she gets up then 4oz lunchtime & 6 in the evening & usually 6 at nighttime before bed.
    I then heat the bottle in a jug of hot water & add the formula when it is warm enough.
    I use an avent milk powder dispenser when we're out & about.

    For early morning & nighttime feeds I have a bottlewarmer in our room & bring the milk powder dispenser & bottles with water to bed. Then I just use the bottle warmer to heat the water and feed her in bed.

    I hope this helps! xxx
  • hi Jo

    I tend to fill a thermas flask with boiled water and then make up the formula feeds as required. I am BF nite and early morns. But carryin a thermas travellin or when at home is an easier option for me. As for stirlisin bowls and spoons am a lazy bum on that part. I do stirilise the bottles and teats though

    hope this helps image
  • i know what you mean.....I too need to stop. Just my own reasons really. Think heading towards 1 year is time to stop. I need my body back before my boobs trip me up!!!!

    She has never taken a bottle and I dont know how to even start. I use aptamil on her cereal etc.. so that is what I will give her.

    I look down at her when feeding and I get a pang when I think this may be it...
    she has 2 teeth and has bit me a few times. This makes feeding a bit of a scarey tense time sooo I think it is time to move on.

    she feeds a few times at night so I need to kncok that on the head too. Oh, its such a mess!!!!!

    good luck Jo and Chris..... let me know how you get on.

    d xxxx
  • Thanks Lauren Bubbly and Dee! The thermos flask is a good idea. I have discovered that Samuel definitely prefers his milk warm.

    Good idea to bring a bottle warmer to bed Lauren. I might invest in one of those. I'm such a sucker for buying every baby accessory going. I am a marketing man's dream!

    Still BF-ing morning and night due to convenience but my AF came back this morning so I think it's time to wind it down,

    J x

    P.S. Dee - I know what you mean about wrecked boobs! I have protruding nipples now. Nobody warned me about that! And this is just after one baby. Lordy Lord - what will I be like in a few years time?!?!
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