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Am i a bit crazy?

hiya girls

Hope you're all ok, i cant believe jay is nearly nine months, seems like the time has gone so fast! My reason for this post anyway is to let you all know that me and OH have decided to try for another one after xmas! Do you think im a bit crazy? i always wanted them close together anyway and my original plan was to start trying when jay was 9 months (which is nearly now!) so we actually wont be far off my plan! Im thinking it is gonna take ages again anyway so who knows what it will actually happen! It took 19months for me to get pregnant the first time which ended in m/c and then another 7 months until i was pregnant with jay, although we weren't using ovulation sticks or anything during any of that time (we just wanted to leave it down to nature) this time i plan on charting my temps and everything to make it bit quicker (hopefully!) So what do you all think? am i nuts for even thinking about it? lol

charlie x


  • go for it hun!! there is 3 years and 2 months between my girls, i would have like a smaller gap but it took 2 years to convince graham to have another one and then another 6 months to acctualy concieve freya. i would like another one quite soon but we need a bigger house first and graham needs aot more convicing. x
  • Go for it! If you both agree the time is right then why not!

    Have fun trying! ;\)

    Claire x
  • how exciting.
    I have a 2 and half year gap with older 2, then a 10 year gap, then a 17 month gap with Joseph and Charlie and then a two and half with Charlie and Amelia.
    the small gap was hard work but they can play so nice together. They are like twins sometimes. Joseph was about 9 months when I felt really ill. We had discussed another baby but we had not really decided. I went to my doctor who felt my stomach and said he thought I wa pregnant. I went for a scan the same day and lo and behold I was just over 9 weeks. Could not beleive it. On Josephs first birthday pics I have a very visible bump.....Looking back I think Joseph was treat much older than he really was. I feel quite sad about that. He was just a baby when Charlie came along but we expected much more of him.

    Good Luck and if you go on the TTC forum you will get loads of sound advice. Keep us informed.

    d xxx
  • thanks for your support everyone, i dont ever wanna go to another "my baby is due in ..." forum lol, i like this one! Im hoping it wont take so long this time, so fingers crossed.
    charlie x
  • good luck sending lots of baby dust your way. and you will still have us but you will have a whole lot of new people to chat to as well
  • Hey Charlie! I think it's a great idea. I think close age gaps are hard work for the parents but lovely for the children. If you've got the stamina then I'd say go for it! We'll be going for a minimum 2 year gap and quite probably longer, but then I am an old dear compared to you and don't have quite as much energy :lol:
  • Charlie ..... ME TOO!! well maybe not straight after xmas but im thinking march (when Mia turns one) we would like to start trying again for number 2!!! ooo how exciting....i cant wait to be pregnant again.
    After the time i had i swore never again, but when people said "in time you will forget"...they were actually right, i cant wait for number two, I think we will stop at two though. at least for a few years.
  • how exciting mummid! maybe we can be pregnant buddies again! lol what are the odds of us both being due same month again i wonder? lol getting ahead of myself abit now. Im actually really excited about having another, but i must admit im a little scared aswell!

    charlie x
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