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FAO Makka Pakka

Hi Jo

I have not posted for ages and have changed my user name etc so you probably won't remember me as I am making effort not to put personal details in my posts.

But after the chats we shared after our miscarriages in 2007 thought I would say Hi and congratulations on Samuel (Hope he has got over his Swine flu). My gorgeous little girl was an unexpected March 08 Baby and wasn't due till June but is doing really well and catching up rapidly. It seems funny when I was so jealous of your BFP at the time.

If it helps I also had an older daughter and joined in your initial chats that just started with four of us on a thread!

Sorry to be so cryptic but wanted to say Hi

Lots of love

Sleepy xxx


  • Oh wow! Yes I've totally worked out the puzzle. You went on holiday to West Wales at the time didn't you?

    I'm so glad you had your second little darling! Glad the early arrival hasn't been a problem as she's grown.

    I sadly had a second mmc in September (you may have read this). It's pretty rubbish to have had two out of three pregnancies go wrong but I'm definitely a lot better about this mc compared with the first one which completely destroyed me at the time.

    We might start trying again next month or maybe in the new year.

    Samuel is doing great thanks anyway. He's so much fun.

    Take care,

    J x
  • Well worked out Jo, we have been back to same place on holiday twice since then and love it...

    So sorry to hear about your other miscarriage, I did read it but didnt like to mention it, fingers crossed ttc is an easy journey when you start and you get a sticky one next time. I did feel for you so much and you would think after 1 mmc you would have some better luck and am sure you went through all the why me etc like I did when lo was prem and all the worries we had at the time.

    Glad Samuel doing well, they are just so much fun (and such hard work) at this stage aren't they... I do hope that Samuel is a big brother soon. One thing that has surprised me is how different lo is from her big sister. Big sister was a text book child but lo has thrown so many challenges at me I have felt like a first time Mum all over again!

    Take care and lots of love x
  • I hate puzzles...its non of my business but its killing me not knowing who you are.... lol

    I am a nosey cow!!!!!

    d xx
  • Dee Dee
    I am sorry to be a mystery but I am a really nice person honest, I am sure Jo will vouch for me as to our previous chats when we both had our mmmcs back in 2007. Just a bit more cautious than I used to be. I have been lurking for a while and have been using the March 08 as a measure to see if my little prem has caught up. I have been following your breast feeding traumas with interest, I am now down to just one feed but at least for the moment it is nice to know I can increase it if DD gets ill! I feel a bit rude for being a lurker but you March 08 ladies have helped me out a lot!!!

  • I was only kidding.... glad we could help!!!

    It was fab to be able to keep feeding Amelia when she was really ill. It kept her out of hospital and on a drip. A lot of my friends babies ended up been admitted for a few nights as they were dehydrated!

    Amelia was 5 weeks prem but, I am guessing yours way more than that as you say she was due in June?

    D xxx
  • Glad you were only joking Dee Dee!! As it will be nice to chat to you lovely ladies, I think we could have ended up in hospital last week as lo had tonsillitis and wouldn't eat or drink but luckily she would take her feeds from me.

    DD was born at 28 and a half weeks and came home after 57 days in NICU / SCBU. House is quite at mo so am meant to doing some night school work but keep getting distracted and coming back on here.

  • Yes sleepy75 and I helped each other through some really tough times. There were four ladies initially (then five when Sian joined us) who all had mmcs around the same time. Our chats were the best tea and sympathy I could have asked for and really helped me through a very tough time.

    I'm pleased to say we all went on to have healthy babies. Sian was the last tp get preggers and gave birth to a totally scrumptious baby boy in September.

    Welcome sleepy!

    J x
  • Jo

    Thanks for the lovely reference image Always felt a bit guilty for abandoning you guys but at the time just felt needed to move on. Good news about Sian, what and when did Gr007 have, saw Becs had a little boy.

    Its just so nice to think we now all have our little ones now and how things have changed. Must go back to bed now, always need to give lo ten minutes upright after her first feed of the day otherwise her reflux is bad. My day off today and may actually get a lie in as poor DD1 is ill so no school - poor thing is missing school trip so not happy!

    Talk soon xx
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