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New word of the week is................


Everything I say to Amelia she says...what? its driving me mad.


Me...Should we go and see Sophie today and go to the toys...

grrrrrrrrrr its really annoying!

she also asks ..whats that? so everything has to be repeated or explained a million times till she says..yeah!

she is coming on leaps and bounds tho and people comment on what a good speaker she is. She is def my best one yet as mine tend to talk really late. Its funny though as she could count to 10 quite early on. However she seems to have forgotton that as she has learnt new things. She now says

one, two, ix, ten..hurrah!!!!!!! cute and funny tho.

She has her nappy off whenever we are home and she wees in the potty and has done a few poos. We have to take it all to the toilet and wave it bye bye! she loves that bit and will actually force a dribble out just so we can go and do it again. :lol:

She is still waking about twice for a BF...bad I know! MUST stop, must stop, must stop!!!

We are going to a beach resort at a local 5 star hotel for her birthday on the 26th Feb. Its a Friday which is the weekend here (fri and sat) on the Wed I am having about 6 little mates round on the morning for cake and a play and then on the Thursday its playgroup morning so I will take another cake to that for her other little buddies. Will just spend Friday with us at the beach so that will be lovely.

Cant beleive our little ones are all turning 2 over the next few months...scarey stuff.

d xxx

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  • haha thats funny!
    freya likes to ask whts that and who that when you are reading her stories, it take for ever to get through a book as she has to ask what every single thing is! she has also in the last month or started to tell on phoebe, any thing that happens she comes running to tell me! she always comes up saying 'phoebe hit me' or ' phoebe snatched it off me' the problem is that most of the time poor old phoebe hasnt done any thing!!

    i cant blive that their birthdays are getting so close! it doesnt seem 5 minutes since we were planning their 1st! sounds like you are going to have a lovely time with amelias! i havent decided what to do for freyas, we might just take her out some where for the day then have a few of her little friends round for a tea party, we will see.

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