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help advise needed

just posted this on baby but need all the advise i can get as proper ovr worrying right now!!

Erin has had a cold for past week and been pretty grumpy no temps though. Today she's been with my mum and mum said she's been back to her normal self laughing and sleeping with no trouble.

But now she feels really hot with really cold hands and feet so i thought i'll just check her temp and its 38.7, but she seems fine apart from feeling hot, no rash, still has a running nose but no other cold symptoms. She is nearly 9 months old and still has no teeth but i can feel the bottom two and top two as if they are gonna cut any minute.

Do babies get temps when teething?

whilst writing this she has started screaming oh is comforting her but i think it is because she is battling sleep. I've given calpol. Really really worried


  • hi ya

    yeh babies can get a slight temperature when teething, and you said you can feel them so it probably is just that. Keep an eye on her and see if her temperature drops back to normal soon as calpol should do the trick.How longago did you give her some? Rub some teething gel on aswell or let her nibble on a teething ring if you have one. You could even try cold carrot stick or something similar, cold yoghurt is alasy a favourite with my son. He had a bad time of it aswell whilst he was teethin, poor things.

    charlie x
  • Hi,
    Just wondering how Erin is now?
    It's miserable when they aren't well & you don't know what to do for the best!
    Lauren xx
  • Her temp is 38.8 so given her calpol, her hands and feet are ice cold she has only had 5 oz of milk in total from three seperate bottles, one spoon of breakfast and one spoon of lunch then refusing to eat so i tried her with a biscuit she loves and she ate half which is a very small amount for her. all he wants to do is sleep or cry. I have a GP appointment at 5pm. I really confused between instinct and worry, but just have this overwhemling sense that somethings wrong, but its probably psychological because i know she has a temp. I wish she could talk. i feel helpless

  • I hope the GP helps babe it really is so difficult not knowing what is wrong with them. It sounds as though she could have a viral infection. Try her with just water apparently fluids are the most important thing food doesn't really matter when they are so ill. Hope all is well xxxx
  • hope all is well and Erin is back to herself????

    d xxx
  • Hope Erin is feeling much better x
  • Hey Mez. How is Erin doing now? What did the doc say? J x
  • Hi everyone thanks for all your concern its lovely to have support on here. So Erin (excuse my language) scared the shit out of us just after posting my last post on here, her temp shot up to 39.5!! and that was aftr paracetamol. She developed a raised red rash all over getting worse (although on the glass test it disapeared we were so scared. the doctor was lovely and very supportive that we had every right to be concerned etc and they did various test and she was suffering with a viral infection (like you said Lauren). She was just prescribed paracetamol and ibuprofen 2hourly alternately (if that makes sense) which kept her temp down but she has been pretty miserable since, which is unlike her you can nearly always get a smile especially if you show her a mirror!! but nothing these last few days makes her smileimage. Paul has managed to pick up the winter D and V bug, and Erin has had quite a few dirty nappies, so just keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't pick up this too what with her immunity low. The doc said that babies do get temps when teething (cos asked out of curiosity) and he said they do get temps because their immunity is low and they are more susceptable to viruses and infections.

    Thanks again for all your support guys your great!!

    Only just finshed work and i started at 7am image so going to bed now i will try to catch up with some other posts tomorrow xxx
  • I am so pleased you got a diagnosis & that she is on the mend!
    Keep an eye on the nappies & try to get plenty of fluids into her even if your sitting with a sippy cup at her face every 15 minutes it's worth it!
    Have a good sleep & take care of yourself too don't want you sick over xmas! xxx
  • glad u got good response from the docs. A sick child is so much of concern... we can tend to do anythin to make them smile back. 39.5 is indeed a very high temperature. my lo s temp went as high as 39 and docs here in India gave hin a paracetemol injection stating tat this high temp can make them have a fit. So we need to be very carefull about that. Finally he was diagnosed wit this stomach infection which he may have caught while puttin his fingers in his mouth after all that crawling.

    Just wonderin how workin moms manage work and a sick baby?

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