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Internet at last

Hi ladies

I have finally got an internet connection. OMG, sky and BT have let me down so badly. Long story.

We have settled into our house and life back here. It is lovely to have our own place after such a long time coming home to cottages etc. Kids are having a ball.

I cannot get them to bed at night tho. It is doing my head in. In Bahrain it is dark even in the summer by about 6pm. I have bought those adjustable black out blinds for the boys room and some curtains in the next sale. Bargain! I pin some black cloth over at our window (amelia is in with us) and it worked as this morning they all slept till 8am.

We have been to loads of places and tried to go to popular venues before the kids broke up so that they are quieter. Missing Andrew loads and look forward to him coming on the 20th Aug.

The house is lovely but I have ripped out the bathroom and decided to do the ensuite too. The house is only 10 years old but they must have fitted cheap ones at the time so I want to put nice ones in. Chris has got into his college course which I am really pleased about. I will hate leaving him but my brother is fab and will look after him.

Hope everyone is keeping well. Hope all the pregnancies are going well.

Sorry to hear about losses too. My thoughts are with you Suzanne.

Speak soon :\)


  • Hi, glad you are all settled! Just saw your new pics of Amelia, she looks so grown up and a big difference from the last photos you posted!

    My pregnancy is nearly finished thank goodness!!! I'm due on Saturday and booked in for a week wednesday. So tired and uncomfy now! Dee- no idea how you looked after 4 at the same time as being heavily pregnant!
  • Hi Dee

    nice to here from you, I have pregnancy brain, but are you living in UK permanantly now? or have a permanent place over here? Anyhoo, great to hear you are settling in. We have been having a nightmare with Erin going to bed too i bought some of those magic blackout sheets you peel to the window and it helps, although she now has a stinking cold so isn't sleeping too well at the moment. I find it quite scary how much Erin loves being unwell though, she tells everyone how poorly she is and how she has a poorly cough!!! is this disturbing I have a hypochondriac in the making??!! dunno who she gets that from imageops: image.
    I'm 28 weeks now and have spd, so finding things hard but just waiting to give up work and hoping that will make life easier. Anyways enough about me, good to here from you, Amelia looks so cute.

    Love Mez x x
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