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We're going for No 3 at the end of the year!

Hi ladies,

Sorry i'm being very premature but i'm so excited as we have agreed on TTC no 3 around Nov/Dec time. I'm so bloody broody i could start now but we have a holiday in Rhodes booked in October (so that wouldn't be very sensible) and my cousin (whom is like a sister to me) is getting married in Cyprus in May next year so I can't be more than 34 weeks when we go there.

Tony is a little worried that it will be too much but Abigail has started school now and i don't really want a huge gap between the girls and the third as I will feel like it's lonely and need another one lol! Hubby would actually rather have 4 than 3 but i've already had 2 sections and i think the limit is 3?

Anyway (and this is the contraversal bit!) i've started charting in preparation as i've been reading the 'Shettles/Chesterman Phillips' method of choosing the sex by timing. Tony would rather just let nature take it's course and would be more than happy with 3 girls but i'm intrigued by the theory and feel that it can't help to give it a go and sway the balance towards a boy. Of course the most important factor is the baby's health but curiosity has got the better of me & Tony's agreed to go along with it! According to the theory, if you have intercourse within 24/48 hours of ovulation you will conceive a boy whereas if you have intercourse leading up to or after ovulation you will conceive a girl. I can't even work out whether this is consistent with the girls' conception as we just 'went at it like rabbits' for a month and hoped for the best lol! Has anyone else tried it or know anyone that has? I won't be disappointed if it doesn't work as i too would be over the moon with a healthy baby of either sex - just enjoying the charting and preparation involved as it feels like i'm dragging the experience out as much as i can!

Anyway, hope you're all well.

Claire & Olivia xxx


  • Oh Claire! I'm so excited for you! I would still love 3 so I love it when others go for more than 2.

    I was a c-section baby - 3rd out of 4 children! My Mum was advised even back in the 70s that they don't recommend more than 3 c-sections but they weren't concerned at all when she got pg with my little sis. She recalls them saying that the uterus may adhere to the bladder if you have more than 3 c-sections, but she never had any problems at all. Although she did have a hysterectomy a while back now.

    In terms of the sex - I think there's something in it. We only did it around OV time with Samuel as hubby was working in London for most of the month and he's a boy. This pg, I was so desperate to get pg again after my mc that I did OV test kits and we did it on the night I OV plus the following day. For some strange reason I'm convinced we're having another boy. Then again, my hubby is one of two brothers so I guess there are a lot of boys on his side of the family.

    I know the sex doesn't matter, and all diff combinations are lovely, but I must admit - I quite fancy two the same (another little man) with our next child but would love to finish off our baby making with a little girl as no 3!

    BTW - We conceived in December - I found out I was pg at 4 weeks the day before Xmas eve. We're going on hol in May and I think I'll be about 25 weeks.

    Not sure if this is a concern for you, but I was bothered about the school year thing - I would prefer a Sept to an Aug baby in case they're struggling and they're the youngest in the class in Aug. My original EDD was 2 Sept but the scan put me at 30 Aug! Hoping for another late arrival. Watch this space!!!

  • Wow how exciting. We decided to ttc in Dec last July (does that make sense lol!!) but we actually started in Nov i couldn't wait. It'll be interesting to know if the theory works or not. Obv we would like a boy to have one of each but i honestly don't mind. tbh a boy might scare me lol cos I have been bought up by a whole family of women all my cousins etc.

    Good luck for dec
  • Hiya

    Whoop Whoop....another march 08 mummy who is going for another. Feel quite left out

    My best friend came from a family of girls. When her 2nd daughter was born she was in the local paper as they had been no boys on the maternal side for something like 108 years!!!!!

    She then decided to have another and she followed a plan too. She charted her periods for 6 months until she got a pattern. They then had NO sex from her period starting to when OV was due. They then had sex 3 times the day that OV was predicted. Then NO sex again at all! She did fall pregnant that time and she had a great pregnancy but resisted finding out at 20 weeks. She went into labour a few days before her EDD and delivered a little BOY within 2 hours of the first pains.

    Coincidence? Maybe, but she is convinced that it worked for her. Her cousin had 2 girls and tried this and also had a boy.

    Another friend had 2 boys so tried this method in reverse and had a girl.

    At the end of the day so long as you are not going to be devastated if it fails then I would say go for it. Its a bit of fun along the way and it might just work!

    good luck

    d xx
  • oh more babies! im feeling left out now, but graham doesnt want any more image

    i have heard that this works too as female sperm swim slower but live longer and male sperm swim faster and die quicker. i havent really put it in to practice though.

    good luck. xx
  • Yay another one! Lets see if you'll last til the end of the year lol!
  • Hey Flick - I've heard that too. The boy sperms are XY and the y bit is tiny. The girl sperms are XX and are much bigger, which is why the boys swim faster. It evens out apparently because although slightly more boys are conceived, more boys are miscarried (at least that's what I was told!).

    Flickaty- can't you have a little accident (wink, wink)... oh I'm so naughty!!

    A friend told me a lot of women have one fewer baby than they actually want in their lives. Hmm...

    My hubby only wants 2 really so I think I may have a similar battle to you in a couple of years time!

    J x
  • wow ... am really happy for you... but like lemon cup says... lets see if you can wait until the end od the year :P

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