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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to wish all your little ones a BIG HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY.
It was strange celebrating Elise's first birthday in January as it should have been this month. Hasn't the time gone fast!! It doesn't seem that long we were all comparing pregnancy symtoms lol
Elise is doing well and can now stand up holding on to things. She has no physical problems so far and is very very loud despite her tiny size.

maria x


  • Hey Maria!
    It's great to see you back on here you haven't been on of late, hope all is well!
    Glad to hear Elise is doing so well, she is absolutely gorgeous all that blonde hair & in that photo she looks big!
    Ellie is the last of the March babies to celebrate as she was the 30th march so i've another 2 weeks of having a 'baby'....questionable with the temper tantrums she can throw though! xx
  • Oh i know what you mean about temper tandrums. Elise hits and kicks me when i wont let her get down onto the floor. x
  • Are the temper tantrums a girl thing? Lucas is so laid back he wouldn't ever bother with a tantrum. Too much like hard work.
  • well, from someone who has had! they can be just as prone to tantrums..think you just have a lovely laid back little boy.....

    maria..Elise does look sooooo cute. Wish amelia had hair...she is still pretty bald.

    d xxx
  • dee i think you can buy stick on type hair for bald men....worth a try :lol: ???? she is beautiful even without hair she has those gorgeous big eyes.
    my nephew throws tantrums like nobodys business...runs in our family we are all divas! xx
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