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I posted this in reply to Amelias birthday post but thought you might not see it

I was thinking of you as you were my bump buddie and the one I texted to let the girls on here know all was fine. It was placenta previa I had not pre eclampsia. The placenta was lodged in the birth canal totally blocking the way out. I started to heamorrage at home and delivered her by EMCS at 35 weeks.
I remember getting your text and you really did sound so happy and proud of your little man. Just think, not long till you do it all again!!!!

Also. in reply to Sams problems at the moment...I hope it gets resolved. It is very worrying. joseph bled a lot when he was first born. They said it was my hormones passing through him and it was like a mini period!!! I had not seen it before and when I saw blood in his nappy I screamed.

Lauren had lots of water infections as a little girl and had an U/S which was fine. They did a kidney function test which was fine too. We think she was wiping her bum from back to front (common in little girls) and passing infections on through poo! Nice ! She has had no further probs.

I hope you get seen quickly and get sorted. The fact that he seems OK in himself suggests it is nothing too worry about but its always best to cross the t's and dot the i's when kids are concerned. Also, best to get sorted before the new little one comes along. Are you finding out the sex at your scan????

d xxx


  • Thanks for the note Dee! Oops - got the birth conplications slightly muddled! But then I think it's true that we all leave part of our brain in the delivery room image

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Joseph and Lauren. I don't think it's anything serious but hopefully the tests will tell us more. I'm dreading attempting to collect another sterile urine sample more than anything else at the moment! The apptc ould take 6 - 7 weeks tops,

    Yes I'm so excited about the new arrival. More nervous about the pain of birth this time around as I know just how horrific it is, but the hours after Samuel were born were everything I could have dreamed of and more. I just loved that bit. I feel very lucky that we were both healthy right after the birth and he could just lie on my tummy for hours. It must be so different when your baby has problems and gets rushed away, or, as in your case, you suffer awful bleeding and your health is the big concern.

    Anyway.... we're going to have another surprise. I feel I can't lose with either sex. Two the same would be lovely, as would one of each, so we don't really mind. My hunch is another boy but who knows???

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