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Stole this from another forum... bit of fun

If you had to be stuck on a desert island....

1 What luxury item would you take?
2 Who would you take with you? (celebs allowed)
3 What music would you take?

My answers

1 a mosquito net...they eat me alive
2 Easy... Robbie Williams ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (just having a moment there)
3 I would normally say Robbie but he can sing to me. Therefore, I would say James Blunt

come on, fill it in and keep this forum going... lol


  • Oh I would soooooo love to be on a desert island right now! If I were then I would take:
    1. Suncream. Without it I would crispy fry, damn my pathetically pale skin!!
    2. Gordon Ramsay. As his luxury item he would very kindly take a fully equipped kitchen stocked with all my fave food and drinks! Plus I think he's lurvely!!
    3. It's got to be Madonna's Immaculate Collection. Proper holiday tunes!!!!

    When can I go?!
  • Hehehe,
    1. A RAZOR! I dont usually have a problem burning or bite wise, but i hate to be hairy... Say I run into Leo?? Haha.
    2. Sounds corny but my husband!!!! - Working lots lately so could do with being stuck on an island just to spend some time with him!!!
    3. Ayia Napa Club CD - We met while both working there!!!

    Hehe x
  • awww thats lovely Sarah.... romantic.

    My OH is in South Africa and was lucky enough to see the England match. He is watching the Sunday England match before heading back here for Tuesday morning. The kids and I fly out Tues night. Therefore, I should have said my OH too really... ha ha
  • Ooooh I must give proper consideration to this one lol.

    1-My make up & travel straightners cause I am soo vain
    2- I'd take Ellie to keep me entertained but I like the idea of Gordon Ramsey being there with his kitchen to keep me fed i'm desperate without food!
    3-Music wise i'd take Alicia Keys cause at the min she's my flavour of the month

    Lauren xx
  • Ooooh fun!!

    1. It would have to be a hammock! Aaaaah lovely!
    2. Bear Grylls! He's very yummy and also very handy in these circumstances!!
    3. I'm not a big music gal but I guess it would have to be Alicia Keys, like Lauren!

    Amy xx
  • 1. A solar-powerd airconditioning unit - flipping eck it ain't easy being heavily up the duff in this hot weather!!
    2. Brad. Yes the one and only Brad. Although I like Amy's Bear Grylls suggestion....
    3. Bowie or U2.

  • 1. i'd have to take shampoo&conditioner as i could fry chips in my hair after 2 days of not washing it!!
    2.i think bear grylls is a good one as well, but i think i'd chose Erin she'd keep me entertained
    3. not sure which one but some kind of compliation album a mixture of favs, would have to be sing song ones because i love singing !!
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