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Doing so well!

Just wanted to share that I had Ellie weighed on Tuesday & 4 weeks after going onto her new milk she has put on 7oz! I am absolutely delighted! She may not have a lot to eat but she seems to be growing & soon she might actually fit her 6-9 month clothes :lol:

Feel like we're finally achieveing something now I know what is wrong with her in relation to the milk intolerance I feel as though she can start to get on now & do some growing!! xxx


  • great news. well done little Ellie.

    Amelia needs to put on some weight. She will be 10 months on boxing day and is a diddy 16lb. She was 5 weeks early so am sure that comes into play.

    d xxx
  • awk wee pet! i have been struggling of late finding food that ellie will eat because she just seemed to want mashed banana & sweet potato. made chicken & apple with onions, stock & sweet potato & she's loving it but didn't like salmon & tomato. finding it difficult to make my own food lumpy & she keeps gagging when I feed her it so it must be too much!
    what does Amelia eat? apart from your boobs :lol: xx
  • ha ha lol!!!!
    My god though..she does EAT them...she bites!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    Funny you should ask this as I have just today spent a few hours stocking up for her. Here they dont have much choice and what they do have is hideously expensive.

    Made her...

    Mince, onion, mash and carrots.

    Chicken, sweet pot with carrots

    Veg medley...swede, leek, pots, carrots etc..

    fish (here its hammour which is just like cod) no bones!!! checked a million times. with pots.

    I made loads and have frozen them in a zillion pots that I bought. I also keep the glass baby jars when I use them to put in to freeze too!!!

    Gave her for dinner tonight...tiny very overcooked past stars with heinz cook cheese sause and grated cheese.I bought loads of gravey and cheese sauce when I was home as easy to bring back. She loved it. She gagged on some pasta bits but was shouting at me for more.

    I am nightmare about lumps and gagging. I need to relax more.

    Daily menu....

    6am..breast feed in bed with hope of her going back to sleep..
    7.30 weetabix made with aptamil so she gets some iron
    8am back to bed for one and half hours.
    9.30 up and short BF
    11.30 some pureed fruit and petit filous yoghurt. Handful of Qavers or toast with cheese on.Cup of water
    12 noon ..down for 2 hour sleep
    3pm BF
    5pm main meal...dinner of mince, pots or similar. Yoghurt to follow or pureed fruit or mashed banana
    6pm bath
    6.30 BF and bed by 7pm

    11pm, 2am...Quick BF ...MUST STOP MUST STOP MUST STOP!!!!

    So she is a good eater but does not eat a lot at each sitting. for example if I were to use a small heinz pot for 4 months plus she would only eat half to two thirds of it...

    what does ellie eat????

    d xxx
  • Dee, I wouldn't worry about how much she eats at one sitting. Lucas is a lot bigger than her and still struggles to finish 1 AK cube of savoury for a meal.

    Lucas' Menu

    6.30 Long BF then back to sleep
    9.00 Ready Brek, toast
    10.30 7oz bottle and nap
    12.00 Lunch of 1 AK cube of savoury and a yogurt or jelly.
    3.00 Cup of water/milk and a biscuit/organix baby crisps.
    5.30 Sandwich or 1 AK cube and a yogurt or jelly.
    6.00 Short BF
    7.00 Bath
    7.30 Short BF and bed.

    In the freezer at the moment: Fish pie (fish in parsley sauce with pots and carrots), Spag Bol, Sweet and Sour, Chicken curry, cauliflower cheese, tuna & tomato pasta (all made with heinz pouches), Stir fry noodles, carbonara and mince & tatties. Lucas will eat anything.

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    Dee...I nearly pmsl at your reply, :lol: boobies & teeth don't go well together then? I know milk is still a very important & essential part of their diets but do you think if you stopped those extra BF she would eat more??
    I've no idea if this would work or how easy it would be to do but Ellie had been wakening around 4.30am & I was feeding her so then she ended up sleeping later in the mornings & was all knocked out of sync.
    Anyway I was sick last week & I think I slept through her wakening one night because apart from last night she hasn't done it in a week & her appetite was better.

    Nic...I want to eat some of the food from your freezer sounds delicious!
    I'm glad to hear that even with Lucas being a good weight he struggles with AK cube because I was seriously beginning to wonder if Ellie looked half starved!
    Just wondering how you went about introducing the different flavours into his diet? I seem to be feeding her on rotation of the 3 things she likes so I know she'll eat but I also know that she needs variety.

    Lara..How did Chloe lose weight eating that lot lol?!
    I have found plum baby porridge which although it is ??3 a bag goes a long way & I mix this with some fruit puree so it's all dairy free. Also boots own organic range have low sugar dairy free rusks & rice cakes & their baby museli & baby rice are all dairy free!
    Ellie does seem to finally be thriving & I think it is now that there is no dairy in her diet she is actually keeping the food down so it is getting the chance to do what it's there for!
    A tip for you for introducing your own home cooked food is to mix it in with the jar then gradually decrease the jar & increase your own food (mix them together i mean!) until your at the stage where she is just eating your home cooked food.

    Ellie's days usually go like this (she has been a good girl though the last few days not always like this!)...

    8.30/9amish 4-6oz milk
    back to sleep
    10/10.30ish 1/2 pot of porridge mixed with fruit puree
    12noon or thereabouts 4-6oz milk
    sleep for an hour at most
    2.30/3pm 1 savoury cube AK & 1/2 pot fruit puree
    5pmish 4-6 oz milk
    5.30pm 2 rice cakes or a few organix crisps
    7.45pm bath
    8.15/8.30pm 4-6oz milk

    She has water with her meals & I would give her sips through the day especially when she has snacks as she is always gagging!

    Just need some ideas on how to introduce different flavours & lumps so answers on a post card please!!! xxxx
  • I suppose there are a few factors that could be to do with Lucas eating anything I give him. One being breastfeeding because this passes tastes on. Other being that Lucas has never had a jar of food. I started slowly giving him each food on its on and then mixing them. Maybe going way back to the start would work? Giving separate foods then mixing together the foods she likes. I only found one veg he wouldn't eat. Once he would take say veg and chicken I started adding sauces like the sweet and sour and the curry. It has taken me 4 months to get to this point so it takes a while.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  • those heinz pouches are easy to use. means you know they have no salt etc.. wish could get them here.
    Lauren going home Boxing day so giving her order for about 50!!!!

    I know Lauren you are sooo right. Its a viscous circle. I cant be bothered to let her cry it out as I am so tired so I feed her but that makes me more tired and so the circle continues. You would think by my 5th I would be more strict. But noooo I am a big softy. I need to let her cry it out but every time I think of it she has a cold or one of the boys is ill etc..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr By the time she is one she will be going through the night.

    d xx
  • glad that ellie is doing better now hun, freya was a nightmarewith food for ages she wouldnt eat any tjhng but now she is a bit of a pig. she still wont eat huge meals and you know when she has had enough because she sprays it out all over you, the little monkey!! but she will eat any thing off my plate and she is obsessed by toast. she also loves those heinz pasta stars and is really good with lumps.

    freyas typical day is:

    6am ish bf and back to sleep
    8 am baby cereal she is up to 2 desert spoons now
    10.30 am nap for any thing between 1 and 2 hours
    12.30 ish lunch either sandwich or some veg and fruit
    2.30 bf then nap for about 1 hour
    5.30 ish tea normaly what ever i have in th freezer eg fish pie
    7 pm bf and bed

    she also fits in a couple of snacks like rice cakes or bread sticks, and oh yes she still isnt sleeping through so normaly has about 2 bf in the night,. i cant leave her to cry as she is still in our room and graham has to get up and i cant put her any where else until she sleeps through. but like dee dee said its a visious circle im just hoping she will snap out of it her self at some point, hopefully soon. x
  • its weird as I had the no sleep with my 2 older ones. Now they are 17 and 15 I have to boot them out of bed by 12 noon!!!!!!! Why cant they sleep like that as kids??? So not fair!!!!!!!!!
    Amelia is obsessed with chips and Qavers. Beware anyone who has them near her....she goes quite mad!!!!!!
    d x
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