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Stomach infection

hi all

came back from the doctor at 10pm here really worried .. lo had a fever of 39oC and he gave him a paracetamol injection n bought it down and is now in control... said that never alow a fever to go beyond this point as the patient can get fits and suffer further brain complications. The real reason being, lo is suffering from a stomach infection. LO has been in contact of lot of unwanted objects and puttin them in his mouth ever since he has been crawlin. Symptoms were green sticky poo. he has been pooing around 4-5 times in a day for last 1-2 weeks and always looks like he has been puttin pressure to get it out. Wat I know is ever since I have started adding solid food to his diet after 6months of BF ... he has been having green poo... now is this normal? wat colour should it be then?

confused first time mom!! ??


  • Hope your LO is feeling better. Must have been very scary for you!

    Olivia's is a browny colour sometimes with the exception of being more orange if she's had too much tomato based foods! image x
  • Hi Bubbly,

    Sounds nasty! Hope he's feeling better. It might not be to do with him putting objects in his mouth. There are so many bugs around at the moment.

    Samuel's poos are brown - kind of like grown up poo but a bit softer most of the time I suppose! I have been BF-ing exclusively (plus food) until fairly recently. I think the green poos and the frequency sound like he's got an upset tummy. Poor little lamb.

    Jo x
  • thanks for the replies gals .. he has been doin sort of OK and the color of his poo is changing to brown. I have to show him to the doc on thursday lets see wat he says..
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