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I know I shouldn't say this but...

She slept through last night! From 7.30-6.30!! Bloody hell, I've probably jinxed it now but I'm just so excited!


  • Oh, wow! Congratulations! Well done, Nina!

    I cannot tell you how jealous I am. I am now resigned to the fact that Peter isn't going to sleep through until he is weaned but I could do without nights like last night. He was up from 10:30 until midnight then again at quarter to 4 and quarter to 7. *yawn* Oh, and he has only had 3 half hour naps so far today so he is going to be horrible by bed time. :\(
  • That's fab! well done!

    Im also very jealous and think that Max will only sleep through when he's weaned and even then it'll be a miracle! I dream feed him when i go to bed then he wakes around 1am, 3am and 5am-how ive not died of sleep depravation i dont know!xx
  • Aw don't be jealous girls, it's probably a one off and i'm in for the night from hell tonight. I don't know how you both cope with the sleep depravation but I really don't handle it well and have absolutely no sympathy for her in the wee hours of the morning! Fingers crossed that Nina, Peter and Max are good to us tonight. x
  • Fingers crossed! I think she'll suprise you-she's done it once so hopefully she'll do it again!

    Im lucky that Max doesn't mess about-he's fed, burped and back to sleep within 15mins and im doing much better at getting back to sleep myself so i shouldn't grumble really-!xx
  • Well done Nina!!!

    Daisy sleeps through - so much so that we call her Lazy Daisy (!), I have to say that I think I'm pretty lucky because she's been doing it since 6 weeks (on and off though).

    Do you guys all have a structured routine at night? I've found that helps with us...

    C xxx
  • I was just going to say, Mrs Buttons, at least Peter has a good night time routine goes down very quickly at bed time. Even tonight, when he was overtired and very grumpy, he was still asleep by 7:15. I just wish he stayed that way all night. image

    I guess we all have aspects which work, even if they don't necessarily sleep through. There are times when I would exchange our bed time for seven solid hours sleep (as you say, Missy, I have very little patience in the middle of the night), but I think I can probably manage for a few more months. Well, I hope I can...
  • Have you tried 'cluster feeding'?

    It's a Baby Whisperer thing (my bible!!!) whereby you wake them 2 hours after bedtime, so 9pm, for example, then 11pm... You can dreamfeed these feeds as well so as not to completely wake them up..

    I found this worked for me when Daisy wasn't quite going through...

    C xx
  • Yup. Tried a dream feed at 10 and the only result was that he fed every two hours for the rest of the night so we gave it up and let him have his 5-6 hours from 7 until 12/1 before he starts feeding every two hours for the rest of the night. :lol:

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  • Oh dear, that's not good!

    Sorry I can't help with any more suggestions... At least he goes 5-6 hours in the meantime...

    C xxx
  • Well Nina didn't have such a massive sleep last night but still managed 7.30-4.00 before waking for a feed and going back to sleep until 7.30..still very pleasing!

    MrsButtons, do you think she's making it up to you after your pregnancy?!

    TheHistoryGirl, you will make it through. Try and remember that the rubbish sleepers usually turn out to be the best later on, so they say. It's true of my Angelo anyway, who was probably the worst ever (you really wouldn't believe). He's now 21 months and sleeps from 7pm until 8 or 9 and has 1 or 2 naps during the day.

    I have been doing the pick up put down thing (also baby whisperer) before putting her to bed including for her naps. So, the new Nina could be because of this. Again, fingers crossed for all babies for tonight. x
  • That's what we always say - she was a nightmare in the womb and has been an angel since she came out!! Now I'm this side, I'm glad it's this way but I think before I'd have preferred it to be the other way!!!

    Fingers crossed that Nina keeps up the good work for you!

    C xxx
  • That's what we always say - she was a nightmare in the womb and has been an angel since she came out!! Now I'm this side, I'm glad it's this way but I think before I'd have preferred it to be the other way!!!

    Fingers crossed that Nina keeps up the good work for you!

    C xxx
  • Ruby has been sleeping through since she was 4 weeks she goes down at 6:30 and gets up anything between 5-7 and she has a 3 hr nap in the morning then just cat naps in the afternoon for the odd 10 mins not that i am complaining as i feel we have quite a good little routine going and i can get things done in the morning cokking dinner though is a little difficult as she gets stroppey from about 4 till i bath her bless

  • Don't mean to rub it in girls, but last night, Daisy-Mae slept from 7.30pm til 8.30am, had a bottle and then went back down until 11.45am!!!!

    God, do you think she's sleeping too much???????????

    C xxxx
  • Make the most of it MrsButtons! Nina has gradually been reducing her night time sleeping hours since that great night and last night was up 3 times..ah well! x
  • We call her Lazy Daisy - can't think of a more appropriate name for her!!!

    Sorry to hear that Nina isn't playing ball - I'm sure Daisy is the exception to the rule, especially when I see what other people's babies do at Mum and Baby group...

    Hope it improves soon and in the meantime, grab sleep whenever you can!!

    C xx
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