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when are you moving lo to own room?

We have a dilema, Max is in our room in his moses basket-he's getting too big for it now. We also have a swinging crib in our bedroom but he doesn't like it-he hits his hands on the wooden bars when he startles during the night.

We don't know weather to perserve with the crib and hope he gets used to it or move him to his own room where his cot is ready. Id like to do this especially as im trying to get him used to napping in there but the guidelines tell you to keep them in with you for 6months.

Even in his own room he's only an extra 3 feet away and i'd keep both doors open.

Where are your lo's sleeping these days?xx


  • We moved Peter into his own room over the weekend and it was the best decision we have taken so far. We don't disturb him when we come to bed and he doesn't disturb us after he has fed at night and is fussing himself back to sleep. He is also napping better during the day now that I am putting him down in his crib rather than in the carrycot in the living room.

    He is still in his crib (which he has been in since birth) and will remain there until he can sit up unaided. His room is right next to ours and we keep both doors open. I know the recommendation is 6 months to prevent SIDS but, as I say, it really works for us, although I do miss having him so close.
  • Do you know why having them in our rooms helps to prevent SIDS?
  • I think because the thinking is that you are more likely to hear if they stop breathing (even if you are asleep) than over a monitor but I'm not 100% sure, tbh. It was just something my midwife said at antenatal class, if I recall correctly.
  • i don't really get it because if babe asleep next to me or downstairs when i'm asleep i'm REALLY asleep, especially since i've been getting so much less.

    I only hear Samuel when he wakes up so didn't see any advantage to it to be honest. We moved him to his own room at two weeks as i wanted him to be used to his cotbed and didnt want a big battle on my hands if he got used to being with us.

    he's on a different floor as we live in a three storey town house but we have the monitor on and it works for us. I think it has stopped us being neurotic as when he was in our room we were constantly watching him and worried about the cat jumping in the basked with him. now we can close the door to his room and know he is safe

    i think it all about what you feel happy doing as you don't want to do anything that will stress you out as you'll end up not sleeping anyway but for us it was definitely the bst thing.
  • We moved Riley into his room last weekend. It's been nice because he can be so noisy, although it hasn't really helped with him sleeping any longer.
  • oooh pixiebob, i'm glad u posted this i was about to ask the same thing myself lol. we're hoping to move in 2 weeks and i don't think our bedroom will be big enough for Austin's cot, plus i did wanna start putting him in his own room during the day naps once we moved anyway. he will have out grown his moses basket by then, he's only just squeezing in it now, so we can't still use that, and if the cot is in his room during the day i can't see us moving the cot every morning and night back and forth even if it does fit. but then i am a little uneasy having him in another room. he will be 12weeks then and guidelines say it's too early and i know blah blah guidelines but then i also wonder about breastfeeding him at night if he's in his own room cos they're won't be space for a chair in his room plus his other furniture, so it will mean having to take him into our room to feed him and they say not to take them out of the bedroom don't they? oh i don't know what to do. i've confused myself even more now and have been no help to u whatsoever lol

  • Hey siany I have to take Riley out of his room to feed him because there isn't a chair in there. In fact he gets a tour of the house, I take him down the stairs into the kitchen to microwave the bottle (naughty I know), into the living room, lights on and feed. There is no probs getting him back to sleep after this as he falls asleep on the bottle usually anyway, the problem is getting him to sleep in the first place at bedtime!
  • Charlotte will be going into her room for naps soon (once hubby builds the cotbed) and then I think night time in a couple of weeks when she'll be 12 weeks old.
    Its more because I want her used to her old room while she is still young, once she becomes more aware of her surroundings I wonder if she'll hate not being in our room as she'll "know" it, plus my husband works shifts and it can just be arkward putting her to bed when hubby is still sleeping.
    As for the feeding out of the room, I take charlotte downstairs so as not to disturb my hubby but I dont talk to her, make eye contact or switch on any lights. In fact I discovered I could put on the tv, out of her line of eyesight and on quiet and it gave just enough light to see by without stimulating her too much. Since I started doing that she's been much easier to settle as I think putting on the normal lights stimulated her too much.
  • Millie has been in her own room.....about 3ft away from our room from 8 weeks old. It really helped us to feel a bit 'normal' again as could talk in bed and stuff and not worry about disturbing her! Also helped with getting our sex life back! lol

    I have the angelcare sensor mat and monitor and this puts my mind at ease on the SIDS issue as an alarm would go off in her room to try and trigger her to breathe again and it would go off on my monitor so I could run through and start CPR if needed. I have done peadiatric first aid as I worked in a primary school.

    I think she sleeps really well in her room and now sleeps from 8m until 6am most nights. We put her in her moses basket in the cotbed for the first couple of weeks then we put her straight in her cotbed a couple of weeks ago and she was fine....I posted about it in baby.

    I would 100% recommend the angelcare monitor though it really reassures me.....probably the best thing we've bought for her to be honest and I was really umming and ahhing over getting it for ages as wasnt sure if the sensor mat was a good idea or not, but I would not be without it now!

  • Thanks for all the replies, it's such a hard decision-i know these guidlines are there for a reason but it makes things so much harder when you have the SIDS threat looming over you!

    I think Max has a couple more weeks growth left in the basket then we really wont have any choice in the matter. I dont think it's fair on him to expect him to get used to the basket, crib and cot plus 2 separate rooms!x
  • I would love to move Nina to her own room now but wouldn't dare as the spare room (which would be 'Ninas room') is too close the royal chamber (angelo's room!) and it would be a disaster. At the moment she is in her cot in our bedroom. If anything she will be kicking us out to the spare room until his royal highness is more tolerant of her cries. x
  • I admire all you ladies who have moved your babies to their own room!

    Im not sure I will ever be ready... :roll:
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