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Max had lots of dark brown hair when he was born and it's nealry all fallen out. I'd find masses of it on his sheet every morning. He looks so funny now as he has a dark brown mullet at the back, 2 long tufts at either side and soft blond down sprouting all over.

Very pointless post!xx


  • Not at all. I was just looking at some pictures of Peter when he was about a month old and I had forgotten how much hair he had! He still has lots on top but has lost most of it round the side and back - a bit like a reverse tonsure. He has also gone really, really blonde and the hair at the front has started standing up in a quiff. Some one said he looks like Tintin now, which he really does! :lol:
  • Erin didnt have much hair on top but a quite a bit of dark at at the back, then she wore away a large section of it to leave a tuft at the top of her neck, she looked really funny image thankfully now it is starting to grow back and the top of her head is a little bit fuller, thou she has cradle cap image think she is gonna be dark like me and my youngest daughter.

    ALso her eye colour seems to of finally settled, all this week she has been a hazelly sort of brown, up till this week they have different colours each day, she has been blue, green and brown, thought they were set by 6wks old!!!
  • Loving the sound of Peter's quiff, that must look so sweet!

    Max has cradle cap too malakin, i have the hardest time trying to resist picking at the flakes! I bought dentinox but the hv said not to use it and to just apply olive oil but his head now stinks and is starting to turn abit yellow!x
  • Riley was born with loads of red hair and he has still got loads he hasn't rubbed any off yet, my oh really wants to put some wax on it!
    Neither me or oh have got red hair so don't know where it's come from but we think he looks like the Chucky doll lol bless him.
  • Amelia was born with dark brown hair around the sides and back but its all gone now - OH said she looked like a monk!!! She has very blond bits starting to come through but you have to be in the right light to see it.
  • Sam had a gorgeous head full of dark brown hair which is now really sparse all over his head with cradle cap inbetween - looks beaut!!!

    ha ha i think he's gorgeous regardless.

    take a look!
  • kayleigh was born with loads of brown hair but she is losing some, she rubs her head in moses basket and on a morning theres always loads on the sheet but saying that she still has a fair bit. Im abit suprised where she gets the dark hair from cause me and my hubby are both fair and it doesnt look like its getting any lighter. x
  • Zach was born with LOADS of really dark hair, hubby is dark so assumed he was going to stay dark. However, now he is definitely coming over to (my) blond side! Woo! He has also lost loads, I'm having to change his bed most days as there is always loads on the sheet.

    He also has cradle cap although it is improving! I know olive oil stinks but it has worked! I haven't tried anything else, as he's quite sensitive and has baby ezscema. At night I put a load on to soak in, then in the morning I take a rough towel, and gently rub it over his head. Been doing this for a week or so now and it has nearly all gone, and he had loads!
  • xkelx yr lo sound same as mine havent a clue were his ginge has cum from n its quite long n stics up like a mohawk sumtimes lol(i love it) but every 1 comments on it , its the first thing they mention about my beautifull lill boy his orange hair it wud be nice to hear bout his gorgeous smile tho

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