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what are people doing for lo's birthday parties?

I can't decide what to do!!

Zach will be 1 on the 16th and I'd like to have a party but my apartment is too small, and other venues cost too much!

what is everyone else doing?

Caz. x


  • Our house is also too small for lots of people so were having a trip to the seaside or sealife centre (depending on the weather) , just the 3 of us- we were planning on going Saturday but hubbie is going to try and get a day off next week so we can go when it's quiet.

    On his actual birthday were having both sets of grandparents round and his great nana for cake and sandwiches . We've got his little friends poping in at various times over the next week so I'm going to make cupcakes for when they visit.

    Could you go out for a meal to a family friendly pub, maybe one with a play area , that way everyone will pay for their own meal and you don't have to hire a venue.

    If you did want a party though, try your local churches. Our parish church has a function room- ??10 for an hour and it had kitchen facitilies, you don't need to be a church member to hire it either xx
  • Hi, we're not having a proper party. On Amelia's actual birthday we're taking her to the zoo than grand parents and aunty and uncle are coming for tea. The next day we will be with all amelia's little friends at a music club we go to.
    Its hard to decide what to do really
  • We had my in-laws for lunch and tea with birthday cake on the Saturday before his birthday. On the Sunday we had a party for all the babies in my mum and baby group. We booked a church hall (one of the mums is a vicar) and everyone provided some food, ??10 for the hall hire and drinks and some toys for the babies to play with. It was an absolute blast! All the babies were totally exhausted by the end - not to mention the parents. image

    We didn't do that much on the day itself (Monday). Dad made pancakes as a breakfast treat and we had lunch all together before he had to work. By then we were all exhausted - but very happy! image
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