Happy Birthday Daisy-Mae

Happy First Birthday Daisy-Mae, hope u and mummy have a fab day celebrating ur first birthday.

lots of love Si????n and Austin xx


  • Happy birthday poppet! Hope you have a wonderful day xx
  • Happy, happy birthday Daisy-Mae. Hope it is a lovely one.
  • Happy Birthday Daisy-Mae,hope you have a lovely day xxx

    Love from Fran, Isla and Matthew xx
  • Happy birthday Daisy-Mae image
  • Happy 1st Birthday Daisy-Mae xxxxx

    Love Jacki & Erin-Beth xx
  • Thank you girlies - it's been an emotional day, but nice nevertheless!

    Daisy-Mae had her booster jabs yesterday and she's not been that great today, but she doesn't really know any different anyway.

    It's been a day full of memories, some difficult, mostly lovely. I know I can't ever go through another pregnancy which makes me really sad, but I am blessed to have the most amazing little girl from such an awful time.

    Now is the time to try to put it all behind us and to watch Daisy blossom into a beautiful, clever, funny, happy little girl..

    Thanks for all of your wishes,
    C xxx
  • Belated happy birthday Daisy-Mae!! xxx
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