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Bath time

Has become very traumatic.

Until about 4 days ago Amelia loved the bath and would have stayed in there all night if we'd let her, but all of a sudden she has started screaming 5 minutes after being in there. We haven't changed anything about her routine so nothing is new so really don't understand it. She looks really scared but I can't understand why.

She had her 2nd lot of jabs last wednesday and looking back its been since then.

Have any of you other march mummies experienced this? I'm so hoping she gets back to enjoying her bath as its horrible hearing her scream so much. She now screams until she has her bedtime bottle.



  • Grr, I just replied and it disappeared!

    We sometimes feed Daisy-Mae a little before her bath if she's looking like she needs it - we save a bit until after and that seems to relax her.

    Also, we make the water warmer than recommended...

    C xx
  • We make the water quite warm too and Riley loves it!

    Has the temp. in the bathroom changed now that the warm weather has gone? Not sure what else it could be.
  • Hi Shell, the only time Nina isn't too keen on her bath is when I haven't gotten in with her. I don't know if you already do but could you try getting in with her? You may only need to do it a few times before she's feeling secure again. We also have the water very warm and if she's very grumpy will also feed her a bit before the bath and then the rest after. Don't worry though, it won't last long. Good luck
  • We have the bath warmer than recommended too and feed her a couple of oz before if she seems a bit grumpy. Although Millie hasn't had her 2nd lot of immunisations yet as they have had a shortage of nurses at my doctors! She was 14 weeks yesterday and shes not havng them until Wed now!

  • hiya ladies!

    haven't been on here in ages - how is everyone..?
    we have a similar problem, she just doesn't like the bath at all. the advice i was given was to make it into something she likes so have invested in some squeaky toys for the bath which we'll play with a few times from outside the water til she's wanting to get closer to them and see if this makes the bath more attractive. not sure if it will work but will let you know - anything's worth a try!!
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