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Who's still in their pjs all day?

Hi, is it just me? Nina is 3 weeks now and I'm still having trouble getting dressed of a day, lucky if I get in the shower before oh gets home and hair in disarray..yuk! To top it off I've just realised that my buttons are usually undone most of the day as well (good old breastfeeding). Yummy mummy my arse. So, is anyone making time to take care of themselves? x


  • i have to, i was wearing make up and stylin my hair three days after havin darren, makes me feel back to normal, although still have the odd day where my pjs are my choice of clothing hehe

  • after spending 2 days in hosp in nothing but pjs and greasy hair and desperate need of a shower- have to say am trying to make the effort since being home. Laila is 2 1/2 wks old now, and although difficult fitting time in to have a shower in the morns am trying my best. Have tried to get out most days as well, just cos i hate being indoors all the time; and i have a 2 yr old. so have to get out or he goes mad being cooped up indoors all the time.
    Youll get there hun, dont worry.
  • Time flies doesn't it?? My oh is still at home as my ds is only 11 days old. But I am so worried about when he goes back to work about how I will cope! anyone else feel like that? x
  • i would love to spend all day in my ps do at weekends but during theweek i have school runs to do, so i amup and out with all 5 kids dressed by 8:10 am ruby will be 3 weeks on monday and i cant believe how organised i feel, but sure the night feeds will start to make me flake soon as my bf left me whilst pregnant

  • I have the odd day (like yesterday!) of staying in pjs..but really try to make an effort, thou im not usually dressed until gone 12, and i try to go out most days with my friend to take her lo to nursery just to get me out the house...i had csection 3 wks ago and felt so well that i did overdo it by going out and housework etc so have spent this last week going easy..thankfully the weather has been crappy so not wanted to go out but did get dressed and put make up most days!

    Ive decided so what if i have a day or 2 of being slobby my body is obviously telling me to slow down...we all go at our own pace so I wouldnt worry at all xx
  • So I seem to be the only! Actually, since my last post i have been making a bit more of an effort and even managed some mascara. With a newborn and 18 month old I do find it difficult to fit in getting myself ready and fed but getting there.
    Littlep, I was also worried about oh abandoning us..but we cope ok and I'm sure you will. Make sure he takes over when he's home so you can have a bit of time out. x
  • hi there i find it so hard to get my self together my lo is 2 1/2weeks old and by the time i have realise it its 11pm and still in my pjs am totally knackered and my face has broken out in spots nitemare plus now my lo has got into the habit of staying up between feed ie 3am till 530am she wont go to sleep between them and my oh is workin late shifts so we are in bed by the time he gets home. please tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel!!
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel lynetter! It's still early days and hopefully over the next couple of months our lo's will start getting into some sort of routine which will help alot. I have to say I do feel a lot better when I've gotten myself 'ready'. Even if it's a quick wash and throw on some clothes! Can your oh look after lo for a bit before he goes to work so you can have a bit of time? x
  • Aw god yeah i have to make the effort, full hair and make up donw or i would literally just stay in the house in my dressing gown all day long if not, least if i get up and showered while bella is still asleep thats one challenge, then i get her up fed and washed and dressed, then we go down for a cuppa and my breakfast then back up for me to get ready and bella plays on the mat and we watch tv at the same time then ihave to give her her dinner feed then off we pop so its still past lunchtime like, so god knows how il manage when i eventually go back to work !!!!! lol
  • Ive managed hair and makeup every day since the birth! Im so vain!! No, seriously, i find if i stay in my pj's (which i did do once) i just feel like total pants all day and can't relax as i worry someone will turn up unannounced and i look like death without my face on!! So i get washed and done up then put fresh pj's on and slob around if it's a slobby day but at least i look reasonable!xx
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