12 month check - at home??

hi ladies,

i've finally ehard (after a lot of chasing) from my doc surgery about ds 10-12month check and its booked for ina couple of weeks time when he'll nearly 13months...anyway after speaking to a few other mums it transpires that everyone else i know has had the check done by their gp at the doctors....now ds check is going to be at home by the hv??? so now i have no idea what to expect at this check or even if they shld be doing it this way?? anyoen else have they're 12month review at home with a hv? i'm just abit baffled as to em it seems a bit a*se about face...it's not even going to be my hv, but the one who does the drop in clinic at the surgery (who i can't stand btw as she doesn't listen to a word i say).

hope ur all well xx


  • They have totally changed things here, Isla didn't get a 7month check which Matthew got so her hearing has never been checked since birth and now she doesnt get another review until 15months!! I think its because she will be getting the MMR then but still its such a huge gap! As far as I know it will be at the clinic at GPs. She has her Hib and MenC booster next fri though so I wonder if they will do any kind of checks then...
  • Erins was 11months at the clinic with her hv, and other than a chat to see how sees getting on and weighing her we were there no longer than 15mins...her hearing wasnt checked but then she had hearing checked at 9months properly at the ent at hosp as there is deafness in our family inc me..she was referred for 6 mnths later cos she couldnt pass the test as she was too nosy!!
    i wouldnt worry about the check up being at home tbh i would of prefered it as erin gets shy wen out and althou toys were out she didnt move to play with them!
  • My HV's are useless so god knows when we're supposed to get a check. Riley was supposed to have a 9 month check (when he was nearly 10 months old!), then my HV had to cancel for 'personal reasons'?! Anyway not heard anything from them since so if I don't hear anything soon I'm gonna have to go see them myself. x
  • I've not heard anything about a check either, I'm seeing the hv on Wednesday for the first time since December going to see if they can offer any advice on maxs sleep although I know it'll be a waste of time as I've been asking since he was 6 months old and all they say is 'leave him to cry'. Anyway, before I start ranting, I think a home visit sounds good-let us know what they do and how it goes xx
  • thanks ladies, i just thought it was a bit unsual as all the other surgeries round here do it in clinic and with a gp...for those of u who haven't had/heard about a 12month check did ur lo's have one at 8 months ish? i remember reading on here back then that some of u were having checks then, we didn't get that one, cos i asked at the time and they said no, they only do 10-12m, where as other's can be 8-10 or even 8-12...u wld think there wld have to be some average, i mean how can one gp check a 8 onth baby and another hv check a 12month baby? how do they know whats 'the norm' if they all do it at complete random ages. xx
  • No, we've had no checks at all. I imagine that age doesn't really matter since babies do things at such different rates anyway. It's probably just a case of seeing that there are no major problems eg. hearing and an opportunity to ask if you've any concerns-I think we all know if our babies are doing ok or not, I mean, max can be fussy with his food at times, his sleeps crazy at the moment and whilst I've posted on here for advice I know that he's doing ok-he's happy and developing well.

    Do you know what? I've no idea what im rambling about, did that even answer you're question?! Lol! I'm SO tired, I think I'm going to get to bed! Xx
  • Hi. Lydia was checked by hv at 6 months and got a letter last week to say that the community nursery nurse will be coming on Wednesday to do her 12 month developmental check at home. Not sure if these have been because she was prem or if they are normal checks in this area. I'll let you know how it goes x
  • Hi, Amelia had a check at about 10 months - Ours is called '9 to 12 month check', think thats to give them a bit of a leeway!!! Our check was done at home, I think it was to see Amelia in her own environment rather than being somewhere she doesn't know. It was to check height & weight along with development checks such as crawling, standing, passing objects from one hand to the other, picking up a raisin to eat etc. I think they coame to the house in the hope amelia would be herself but she just sat staring at hv, like she does with all strangers for about 15 minutes then decided to display all her skills in one go!!
    Personally wouldn't worry
  • my little girl has had no check ups like that at all not even a letter and no one has mentioned anything when ive taken her when shes been poorly!i didnt know they usually did more development checks?to be honest though my little girl has had a lot of colds over the last few months and shes been in and out of the drs that theyve probably checked her enough anyway.she seems happy and healthy and seems to be growing well but i agree with you hv are usless!we been having sleep problems for months now and when i last got kayleigh weighed which was just after xmas sometime the hv said she would ring me and never did!i find its a right fight to get to speak to them when getting her weighed anyway so to be honest i havent been going for couple months now,i understand they're very busy but some of them are funny!sorry ive ranted abit,feel better for getting that off my chest lol! x
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