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Christmas plans :)

Ok, I know it's early, but what are your plans for Christmas girls & guy?!

I LOVE Christmas & am really excited because Benjamin will be 20 months this Christmas so old enough to be excited about opening gifts!! We ALWAYS go up to my parents, they live 2 hrs north of us & I have never spent a Christmas anywhere else. BUT....this year I have relented & we are going to the in laws. We were meant to have them here but I can't face the idea of cooking Christmas lunch for everyone at 30+ weeks pg with an toddler grabbing at my legs! Despite not being at my parents, I am still soooooo excited!

94 sleeps, he's coming!!!!



  • ooohhhh i love christmas too image already been thinking about pressies.

    must be nice that your LO will understand a bit more this year and get excited for all his presents!

    we do one year at my mums one year at my MIL so this year we will be at my MIL but that means next year baby's first christmas will be at my mums image
  • OMG i am SO EXCITED about christmas, its my fave thing ever.

    its also my bday on 20th dec so i have a fortnight of fun image

    im doing xmas at my house this year, imogen will be 14 months old and we're gonna enjoy every minute of it. last year was horrible, flew to my mums in scotland and it was -10 and snowing, it was horrendous with a 7 week old image

    need to enjoy this year!

    need to go shopping!!!!
  • I love this post. Luke will be 19 months and Im also sooo excited.

    We always go to my mums who lives in Kent but this year I think we may stay at home. I love my mum to bits, but it gets very hectic so I think we will book up somewhere for xmas lunch and just have a nice lazy family one.

    These plans will probably change when my mum fines out about them though, lol

  • Ooh yes really excited. Dexter will be 14 months, DH and I are having bets on how many times he pulls the christmas tree over.

    We normally alternate which set of parents we go to each year, this year is supposed to be at the IL's but they've made no plans and told us to go to mine instead rather than hold out for them.
  • I get to have two christmases as in Sweden we celebrate 24th as out big day. So we have swedish christmas on the 24th. I cook some swedish food and we open the pressies from my family, then we have english christmas on the 25th, turkey and all, and open OK's family's pressies. Everyone is a winner!

    We usually do christmas in england or sweden alternate years, and this year was supposed to be swedish year... but as I will be pretty big by then and defo won't go skiing and skating and stuff... and also it get's soooo expensive.... we decided to stay here.

    I have et to break it to my parents, bless them, who are missing our little boy so much. I hope they won't be too upset. I feel terrible just thinking about having to tell them. :cry:
  • Me and my other half spent last Christmas with our own parents and spent the evening together on our own! This year I'm pushing to go to my moms but it might take a bit of convincing....
  • We alternate one year at my mums and one year at mils. This year is our year to be at my mums (yippee) !
  • We used to alternate at each other's parents, but since we had DD we have Xmas Day at home, just us, and then head home (both come from same town, but live 3hrs away) to my parents on Boxing Day. We do one day of my family's pressies and food, and then one day up at DH's Mum's for all the kids on that side of the family. Its always a gamble or whether we'll make it or not though cos we live in Scotland and weather's normally horrendous. Wont even attempt the journey this year if bad as obviously I'll be huge.

    I'm hoping DD is more aware of what's going on this year, she'll be 21months, although she did enjoy the wrapping paper last year ha ha! xx
  • We're having Christmas day at home, just the three of us. We did it last year and it was lovely. We'll then attempt to visit my mum and the inlaws, dependent upon how much time we can get off work this year. The inlaws live 6 hours away so it's quite a trek to get there, but my mum is only an hour away. Hopefully the inlaws will be moving back to the midlands next year so that will make it easier in the future. We Skype with my dad who is in Sweden, we've never been able to fit in a visit to him as well!
  • A-Nonny-Mouse

    we're abouts in sweden is your dad? My parents live near Karlstad. My brother and aunti and cousins are in Gothenburg.
  • Anita - my dad is in Danderyd.
  • That's stockholm right?
  • Yep Anita, that's right - right on the edge of Stockholm xx
  • ooooh love sweden, one of our best holidays was there, fab country.
  • awww Christmas is my fave time tooooo image

    this year we are going to spend it at Norway!!(so close to Sweden image ) Can't wait till the day=)

    I've already started buying ]Christmas presents, browsing all the websites possible, as don't have much time on my hands. Have already decided on pressie for my hubby =D Hope he won't find it out ahead of time.
  • I've invited my mum to us so it will be me, my partner, my daughter and mum. I'm sure everyone will help with the dinner seeing as I'll be quite big by then! Really looking forward to xmas this year more than ever because I know I'll have my big bump and it wont be long before the baby arrives! Oh and also because I get a week off work!
  • Well our Christmas plans have now changed thanks to idiotic relatives, but this means we get to spend it at my folks. They live in a gorgeous little village, very picturesque. Just have to decide who to dress my son as this year. Last year he was a Christmas elf and utterly gorgeous!! X
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